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Re: If Western civilization does not die soon.....
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Cargo shipping: Chokepoints, trade routes – and a sign of excessive globalization?
Cargo shipping is basically the string that holds modern capitalism together; 90 percent of traded goods are transported over the water. But it mostly happens out of sight.
Throughout time, ships have gotten steadily bigger to accommodate more containers, with the biggest coming in at almost 24,000 TEU. Bigger ships carry more containers, which in turn means fewer trips and lower fuel costs. Disruptions to the global supply chain, whether as a result of a pandemic causing chaos in supply and demand, or of a gigantic ship getting stuck in a narrow but important canal, often call for a re-think. Should ships be that big and travel that far? It's all about ships, and where they’re headed, both literally and figuratively. What will they look like? Where will they go? How will they change?