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Right-Wingers in general across the globe should abandon Hitler as their hero, that is if they wish to continue their anti-immigration stance?:

Hitler the “Foreigner”

“Hitler is a foreigner, a Czech!”


He was born in Braunau in Lower Austria. Braunau on the Inn — not to be confused with Braunau in German Bohemia —is a small, purely German town on the Bavarian border, part of the “Inn district” that was cut off from Bavaria and given to Austria in 1779. Three generations before Adolf Hitler’s birth it was still Bavarian, and it is only the result of dynastic disputes that it is today part of Austria.

Even so, are not the Austrians our blood brothers whose return to the Reich is longed for with the same intensity on each side of the accursed border markers? Adolf Hitler himself writes of this in the first chapter of his book Mein Kampf:

    “Today it seems to me providential that Fate should have chosen Braunau on the Inn as my birthplace. For this little town lies on the boundary between two German states which we of the younger generation at least have made it our life work to reunite by every means at our disposal.”

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in the customs house at Braunau, the son of an Austrian customs official, only a few minutes from the border. Hitler’s grandfather was a poor cottager from the Forest Quarter.

No one can claim that Hitler’s ancestry sowed the seeds for his later development. As a simple son of the people, he has risen only because of the strength of his brilliant personality and soon will hold the highest office in the Reich.

It is in fact Israel and it's colonial immigration policies that should be the sole inspiration of all rightists worldwide:

Israeli firm chosen to build protoype of US border wall with Mexico
Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary company among eight to develop technology for 2,000 mile-long barrier

If Germany would have had in place the immigration policies most rightists advocate for today Hitler would never have risen to be the Fuhrer of the Third Reich and Bolshevism would have swallowed Europe whole.

You don't find it odd that today's right-wingers are using Marxist terminology?


Hitler speaks on the plight of the Palestinians and of USA and British hypocrisy 1939

Hitler Youth Palestine: