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Why Trump Winning 2020 Is A Doomsday Scenario

Guest: "How did the German people allow what happened in Germany to happen?"

For one, the German people were much better informed than westerners could ever dream of! These same ridiculous westerners will then go onto argue how the western "deep state" is full of warmongers, and most western states are run by corrupt, lying, politicians, yet will believe everything this same corrupt political class tells them about WWI and WWII. This is the double-think most westerners participate in on a daily basis. This is why to non-westerners with any discernment and truth on their side view most westerners as mind-**** zombies who are destroying this planet. Having said that even this non-westerner who wrote this article falls for western ignorance in regards to WWII, that is a demonstration of how pervasive western double-think and ignorance truly is, if nothing else:

See also:

As long as westerners continue to play into this nonsensical and delusional "thinking" they will never be capable of destroying the system that has caused them and the rest of the world SO MUCH suffering and turmoil. They are literally driving themselves insane with double-think.