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Re: Western Revisionism of WWI and WWII
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Westerners love to think of themselves as the 'good guys' who vanquished the evil anti-western Third Reich. Here is another example of western ignorance:
GOP Candidate Exposes Himself As Hitler Youth
This GOP candidate’s history raises some serious concerns. He’s basically a Hitler youth.

It only takes one Hitler speech and one Hitler Youth photo to expose John's ignorance and idiocy. John obviously knows nothing about the Hitler Youth, but he likes to, as most other westerners also do, use Hitler's name to make others think he must be a good person because Hitler was clearly evil, everyone knows that right? John will forever be the 'good guy' like all other westerners because the west helped destroy the Third Reich, when in reality westerners have always been the 'bad guys' and one need only research western colonialism to realize this. Western thought and western culture is self-delusion at it's finest and multiplied x100!

Hitler speaks on the plight of the Palestinians and of USA and British hypocrisy 1939

Hitler Youth Palestine: