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Re: Western Revisionism of WWI and WWII
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This is what I mean when I say "westerners always project their own racism on their perceived enemies":

Who were the real racists of WWII?

Tales Of The Red Tails

Alexander Jefferson, a small, trim man with a silver mustache, told of being shot down on Aug. 12, 1944. He was strafing German radar stations when his plane was hit. He lost consciousness after the crash, and awakened to a German pointing a gun at him and shouting, "Naeger! Naeger!"

"I thought, 'Oh, crap even in Germany!' " Jefferson laughed, shaking his head. "But it turned out he wasn't saying the other word that was their word for negro."

In fact, the German soldier's commanding officer saluted Jefferson when he took the pilot into custody. "I was treated like an officer the whole time I spent in POW camp," Jefferson said.

A Delayed Salute
Coming back on the boat, got to New York Harbor, the flags waving, the Statue of Liberty. Walked down the gangplank, and a little soldier at the bottom said, 'Whites to the right, niggers to the left.'

The above fact helps make sense of this Third Reich propaganda poster also:
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