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Re: Aryan bones
« on: March 19, 2021, 11:54:04 pm »
"Did you yourself too view such traits as superior, or did you assume you were alone in not finding such traits superior?"

I was a relativist, so I thought the concept of viewing traits as superior itself was bad because of the negative personality attributes associated with those traits, such as aggression and high sexual promiscuity, and I thought the concept of superiority itself was intertwined with those traits.

I honestly did feel alone and cornered though because I was trying to retain my original nobility by flashing back to my childhood when I definitely did not find such traits superior, so I started questioning why such traits are considered superior by the majority of people, and wanted to challenge their idea of superiority but was intellectually restricted by my relativism. It wasn't until I discovered Aryanism, whereupon I encountered aesthetic anti-traditional absolutism through the "human beauty" page, that I realized such traits are only not superior but are in fact inferior. As a bonus, it was like the page was essentially just verbally articulating what I was feeling but was previously unable to express verbally, so I wouldn't say the website even "persuaded" me.

Does that make sense?