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Human Species That Doesn’t Fit In The Timeline | Homo Naledi
In 2013 bones were discovered in a cave in South-Africa, these bones are from a species of hominid but they don’t seem to fit in the current timeline.
This species has archaic features like their hands which are perfect for climbing, but they have modern features as well like their feet which are perfect for terrestrial terrain.
There’s been debate on where to put this species in the human evolutionary timeline ever since it was discovered, do they really belong to the Genus of Homo and where would they fall into the current proposed timeline?
The first Skeletal remains of Naledi were discovered in the Dinaledi chamber which is a part of the larger Rising Star Cave system, approximately 50 kilometres north-west of Johannesburg in South-Africa.
This area is also known under the name of the Cradle of Humankind, this area covers a total of 47,000 hectares, which equates to approximately 180 square miles.

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Evidence found that man was not the first being to master fire
A momentous discovery in South Africa has the potential to turn our understanding of human history on its head. CBS News correspondent Debora Patta speaks with paleoanthologist Lee Berger, who has found evidence that a pre-human ancestor named Homo naledi may was the first being to master fire for light, warmth and cooking.

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