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Re: Facial Turanism
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Our enemies are so funny:

If you are as adept as I am at picking Jews out of a police lineup, you would realize upon first glance that South African-born TV reporter and war correspondent Lara Logan is not Jewish. Like Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, another South African-born blonde butterfly, Logan has the sort of icily superhuman Nordic beauty that leads one to suspect she was designed in a biolab by some lascivious descendant of Hugo Boss.

The picture they included:

Logan, who’d been a CBS correspondent since 2002, had been broadcasting Egyptians’ gleeful response to the abdication of their President, Hosni Mubarak, live from the square for about an hour . . . until the moment the battery went dead on her cameraman’s light, when the mob got a bit rowdier and someone shouted out that Logan was an Israeli or Jewish spy. A CBS representative later said that the accusation was like “a match to gasoline,” and a huge group of brown, sweaty, leering Muslim males began pawing at Logan’s hair and clothes as she screamed helplessly.

Here is the expression of a natural blonde who realizes she’s going to be put through a meat grinder at the hands of Mohammedan cavemen whose Jewdar was so bad that they mistook her for a Jewess.

She has a Turanian face; that is why.

Not to mention the attitudes to match:

On 31 May 2020, Logan tweeted a picture, which she claimed was an antifa riot instruction manual. The picture actually was an updated hoax dating to the 2015 Baltimore riots. On 1 June, Logan tweeted a threat by the @ANTIFA_US Twitter account. The account turned out to be fake and linked to Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization. After being criticized for posting the hoaxes, Logan claimed that there was a campaign to "destroy" her, including by Media Matters for America.[40]

On 4 June 2020, Logan appeared on Hannity to claim that antifa was leaving "pallets of bricks" at protest sites in an attempt to stoke violence and destruction. Fact-checkers found that claims of bricks being left at protest sites were without foundation. No one else reported seeing antifa trucks leaving pallets of bricks.
She praised Putin for "not going to stand by while the globalists take over the world" and accused Ukrainians of being "actual Nazis". Logan's comments were praised and taken up by Russian government propaganda.[46][47][48][49]

A better question would be: do you think actual Jews would mind reproducing with her? Or to put it another way: do you think she would have trouble getting Israeli citizenship if she converted to Judaism? If not, then we can at least say she has Jewish potential in her blood.

By the way, here are some of Logan's accolades:

The David Kaplan Award, Overseas Press Club, 2006[56]
David Bloom Award, Radio and Television Correspondents' Association, 2007[57]
Daniel Pearl Award, 2011[58]

Notice anything about the names?
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