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Re: Facial Turanism
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This music video not only studies the Turanian face shape from many angles but moreover captures perfectly the facial expressions best suited to it (recall the first post in this topic):

we have the ultimate "happy faces." Not the round yellow-circle happy face, but that the whole cheekbone area, the eyebrows and eyes all slant upward, the cheeks bulge forward and the lips make a bow-shaped smile like the corners of the lips go up in the smile: HAPPY FACE. Our faces tend to be triangular from the eyes down to the point of the chin due to this bone structure.

After the song's release, the phrase "material girl" became another nickname for Madonna. She often remarked that "Material Girl" is the song she most regrets recording, as it became a label that has been attached to her for decades. She also said if she had known this, she probably would never have recorded it.[1]
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