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Re: Non-Aryan treachery
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MAGA Rep. Accused of Making Staff Drive Hundreds of Miles to Walk His Dog

As a member of Congress, it’s usually not a good sign when an official ethics report is released about you with an entire section devoted to “tasks related to the family dog.”

But that is the situation for Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV), a top ally of Donald Trump in Congress.

On Monday, the Office of Congressional Ethics released a lengthy report that found “substantial reason” to believe Mooney had committed a number of ethical violations while in office—potentially even violations of federal law.
Among other things, Mooney may have “accepted a free or below-market-value trip to Aruba,” used taxpayer dollars for non-approved purposes, and used staff for campaign work and “personal errands,” according to OCE. On top of that, he may have “withheld, concealed, or falsified” information provided to ethics officials in the course of the investigation.”

Some of the evidence included in the 54-page report, informed by interviews with nine current and former Mooney staffers, paint a damning picture of the congressman’s apparent willingness to use taxpayer-funded resources for himself and his family’s benefit.