Author Topic: Non-Aryan treachery  (Read 4140 times)


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Re: Non-Aryan treachery
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Craig, a divorced father of two, had been on disability after hurting his back when he began secretly seeing his brotherís wife, Robin.
He insisted that there had been nothing romantic going on between him and Robin.

ďI know that it looks bad, but Iím gonna tell you something, I couldnít do that to my brother,Ē Craig insisted in a taped interview with investigators just two days after the murders.

But what Craig didnít know was that Robin had already divulged the relationship to investigators.


On the night of the murders, Craig claimed that he had been watching hunting and fishing shows at a rustic cabin about half an hour away from the murder scene.

Even the lie he uses to attempt an alibi reveals his blood memory.....

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