Author Topic: Non-Aryan treachery  (Read 4140 times)


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Re: Non-Aryan treachery
« Reply #60 on: June 13, 2022, 02:52:58 pm »
Alex Jones, of course:

“He will just lie,” Jacobson said. “Straight up lie like nothing’s going on. Like it’s real. And the issue with that is, a lot of people believe him.”

Josh Owens, who left Infowars after four years, claimed there were multiple instances in which he was encouraged to lie to the audience.

“They wanted us to go to these majority Muslim communities and report on why are these people in these communities. What’s going on? This seems suspicious,” Owens said. “There was nothing to it.” “No Sharia law overruling the United States government?” asked CNN’s Drew Griffin. “No, no, but that’s what Jones wanted,” Owens replied. “We made up the stories because there was nothing to report on. In essence, we lied.”
Jones’s ex-wife, Kelly Jones, agreed that for him it’s all about money, not truth.

“I think it’s important for people to understand that they’re paying money to, and aligning themselves with, an outlet that is entirely deceptive,” Jones said, “and that just wants their money.” “Sounds like a grift, really,” Griffin said. “Yes,” Jones replied, “I think that really is what it is. It’s a con.”