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Re: Non-Aryan tribalism
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Another one from our enemies:

Masters has been a leading figure supporting Donald Trump's false claims that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen."[21] In June 2021, Masters said that "it's really hard to know" the winner of the 2020 presidential election.[22] He supported an "audit" of the vote in Maricopa County.[22] In November 2021, Masters stated he personally thought "Trump won in 2020" in a campaign ad and appeared at a fundraiser with the former president at Mar-a-Lago shortly afterward.[23] Trump endorsed his candidacy in June 2022.[21][24] Meeting with conservative activists in March 2022, Masters suggested that the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was an FBI "false flag operation" and speculated that perhaps "one-third of the people outside of the Capitol complex on January 6 were actual FBI agents hanging out."[25]
Along with Thiel and fellow Senate candidate J.D. Vance, Masters is influenced by Curtis Yarvin, a neoreactionary blogger who writes under the name Mencius Moldbug.[32]
During his 2022 campaign, Masters was one of several Republican Senate candidates to promote the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, a racist notion that originated on the far-right.[24][34] In June 2022, Masters blamed American gun violence on "Black People, frankly."[35][36]
At a Republican gathering in June 2022, Masters was recorded on video grabbing a protestor by the neck and shoving him to the ground. Masters claimed that the protester, who was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt and "Jail Trump" hat, had struck a woman. The video of the incident showed no evidence for the claim, and instead showed the woman attacking the protestor, punching his left jaw with a balled fist. A crowd of six Republican attendees then pushed the man to the ground, as Masters placed his hands on the man's neck and chest and two attendees harassed the man as he lay on the ground. The Pima County sheriff's office issued two misdemeanor citations to the protestor, but did not issue citations to any of the others; the Pima County sheriff said that he would not ask his deputies to investigate.[38]
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