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Re: Non-Aryan tribalism
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It's OK for machinists to be "white":

Air Force scientist got his ‘really hot’ prostitute a contractor job, court docs show
A recently unsealed search warrant details an extensive scam by Jim Gord, a senior researcher of advanced propulsion technologies at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and an unnamed female escort with whom he was in a sexual relationship.

He urged a lab contractor and friend to hire the woman based on her fraudulent resume — and her looks — in 2017. He also moved federal funding around to pay her salary and named her as the chair of a scientific panel on engine and rocket technology despite her lack of experience.

“He met with [redacted] on several occasions and paid her $400 an hour for various sexual acts,” according to a December 2019 search warrant application that was recently unsealed in federal court and posted on Monday by the Daily Beast. “Gord declared his love for [redacted] and she declared hers for him.”

The Daily Beast first reported on the saga Monday. Neither Gord nor the woman have faced charges, the publication said.
Roy confronted Gord about the issue and asked him to cut off their contact. Gord grew angry and threatened to bring a gun to work to “end it all,” the affidavit said.

“Gord also reminded Roy, of Bangladeshi ethnicity, that Gord was a senior research scientist and AFRL, and that as Roy was an immigrant, the ‘old boys’ club’ at AFRL would never believe Roy if he disclosed the information about a scientist as well-respected as Gord,” the affidavit said.
Gord funneled more than half of the $250,000 in grant money that typically went to Roy each quarter to the woman’s new company

When agents with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations searched Gord’s office at Wright-Patterson in April 2019, they found condoms, female underwear and empty bottles of generic ****. They also uncovered emails discussing the need to come up with a strong cover story in case they were questioned further.
Gord was “an internationally recognized leader in the development and application of optical measurement techniques for advanced propulsion and fuel systems,” according to AFRL. He was named a 2016 fellow at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the world’s largest aerospace professional society at the time.

Gord “made advancements in high-power, high-repetition-rate burst-mode laser diagnostics systems, applying them to turbulent combustion and high-speed flows. His research has produced myriad fundamental technology breakthroughs in burst-mode laser measurement systems that enable scientists and engineers to better understand the performance of real-world air breathing and rocket engines,” AFRL said in a release.