Author Topic: Non-Aryan tribalism  (Read 4441 times)


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Re: Non-Aryan tribalism
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Good riddance!



Our enemies are mourning:

Kirsti Alley's parents on Halloween 1981, were involved in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver that killed her mother and left her father seriously injured,Her Father was dressed as a Klansman and her Mother was in blackface as Little Eva from Uncle Tom's cabin... looks like she got her humor from her parents..My she rest in Peace ..

She was a beautiful woman who didn't shy away from speaking her mind.

Their only complaint is that she was not racist enough:

The first time I remember seeing her was in North and South. In the fourth episode in Season 1 she goes full tilt mudshark. Did a great job as a rich, beautiful independent Southern Bell, who had to seduce a slave and do it in a barn. She obviously enjoyed her role, if you watch the scene.

Bad first impression for me and I never thought much of her since.

This last picture is a good one for face shape contrast, anyway.
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