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Four years after Facebook first banned the Proud Boys, the social network is still creating new content on behalf of the far-right extremist group, as well as dozens of other white supremacists, militias and known terrorist organizations, in apparent violation of its own stated policies.

According to recent findings by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), an industry watchdog, Facebook not only regularly allows users to display in their profiles names of extremist groups, including some that have been explicitly banned from the site, but then autogenerates pages for those groups, increasing their visibility and giving their supporters a place to connect.
“Are Facebook's detection systems really as good as they claim, if their own systems where these explicit terms and groups are banned are actually creating pages for them?” asked TTP’s director, Katie Paul. “How can we trust what they say about safety and security when Facebook doesn't just fail to remove, but actually creates extremist content?”

Over the years, Facebook has faced scrutiny over the way its platform has been used by terrorists, hate groups and other violent actors to organize and promote harmful content. In response, it has announced a number of efforts to crack down on an ever-expanding list of dangerous individuals and organizations, using a combination of advanced artificial intelligence and human moderators.

But extremism experts and whistleblowers have criticized these measures as ineffective, noting that blacklisted groups regularly fall through the cracks, often remaining active on the platform well after they’ve been banned.
Since then, TTP has produced multiple reports on the autogenerated extremist pages, which Facebook has continued to produce despite increased scrutiny over the platform’s role in facilitating the spread of COVID-19 misinformation and election conspiracy theories, and permitting organizing by groups that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Among others, TTP has found that Facebook continues to autogenerate pages for a number of far-right paramilitary groups whose members have been charged in connection with the insurrection, including the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters. The FBI has accused members of the Oath Keepers — including one of the group’s leaders currently on trial for seditious conspiracy — of using Facebook Messenger to track down members of Congress while the Capitol was under siege.
The same study also found that Facebook’s algorithm often recommended other extremist content to users who visited the white supremacist pages, and that searches for these groups were often monetized.
“This is the platform itself creating, essentially, meeting spots, like locus points for terrorist supporters to gather… [and] enabling terrorists to spread content and narratives farther,” Ayad said. “In terms of being able to confront the issue of online terrorist [activity], that’s a big problem.”

Facebook executives — including CEO Mark Zuckerberg — have repeatedly dodged questions from lawmakers about the company's practice of autogenerating pages for groups involved in real-world violence.
“Despite Facebook's misleading rhetoric about social responsibility and community building, they are at its core a capitalist endeavor that has no moral values and will do anything to make money, including fostering hate and facilitating crime,” said Nelson. “And as long as they can get away with it and make the money that they're aiming to make, they're going to continue to do it.”
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Internal memos show Meta deemed attacks on Ukrainian civilians “newsworthy” — prompting claims of a double standard among Palestine advocates.
It’s become a pattern: Palestinians post sometimes graphic videos and images of Israeli attacks, and Meta swiftly removes the content, providing only an oblique reference to a violation of the company’s “Community Standards” or in many cases no explanation at all.

Not all the billions of users on Meta’s platforms, however, run into these issues when documenting the bombing of their neighborhoods.

Previously unreported policy language obtained by The Intercept shows that this year the company repeatedly instructed moderators to deviate from standard procedure and treat various graphic imagery from the Russia-Ukraine war with a light touch. Like other American internet companies, Meta responded to the invasion by rapidly enacting a litany of new policy carveouts designed to broaden and protect the online speech of Ukrainians, specifically allowing their graphic images of civilians killed by the Russian military to remain up on Instagram and Facebook.

No such carveouts were ever made for Palestinian victims of Israeli state violence — nor do the materials show such latitude provided for any other suffering population.
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A different angle:

It’s Been 20 Years: Alexis Patterson, a Black girl, is still Missing but the World Found Elizabeth Smart

Alexis Patterson went missing May 3, 2002 after she was dropped off at school. A month after she disappeared, a young white girl named Elizabeth Smart went missing after being abducted from her home. Smart was found nine months after her abduction but Patterson’s mother is still looking for Alexis 20 years later. Unfortunately, race may be the reason why.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Smart’s disappearance gained much more attention than Patterson’s. From the “Larry King Live Show” to “America’s Most Wanted,” her story became a national topic while Patterson’s drowned in the noise.

Before we continue:

King was born in Brooklyn on November 19, 1933.[10] He was one of two children of Jennie (née Gitlitz; 1905–1990), a garment worker who was born in Minsk, Russian Empire, and Aaron Zeiger (1898–1942), a restaurant owner and defense-plant worker who was born in Pinsk, Russian Empire.[11][12][13] His parents were Orthodox Jews who immigrated to the United States from Belarus in the 1930s.[1][14][15]
In 2017, he stated "I love being Jewish, am proud of my Jewishness, and I love Israel".[120]!/

Back to first link:

The police also called in the FBI the day after Smart vanished and offered a reward $200,000 more than Patterson’s. The FBI didn’t get to Patterson’s case until three days after she went missing.


In 2020, nearly 100,000 Black women and girls went missing and their names rarely go viral. It’s due to the simple fact that they will never get the same attention a white girl does.

More from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

    Twenty years ago, as police searched for the two girls, some advocates and experts argued that race was a key factor in how authorities and reporters handled their cases. It marked the first time the national media paid serious attention to such disparities.

    Two years later, Black journalist Gwen Ifill gave the phenomenon a name: “missing white woman syndrome.” She coined the term after the disappearance of Laci Peterson, a pregnant California woman whose husband was later convicted of killing her. It played out again in 2005, when Natalee Holloway vanished on a class trip to Aruba.

The disappearance of Gabby Petito also brought the issue of “missing white woman syndrome” to public attention. Researchers found missing Black people get less media attention but many complex factors play a role in it, per Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Racial diversity in newsrooms, socioeconomic status of Black victims, the neighborhoods missing Black children are from and the way police categorize disappearances contribute to the disparity.
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Muslim TV hosts EXPOSE clear DOUBLE STANDARD in recent Buffalo shooting
MSNBC hosts Mehdi Hasan and Ayman Mohyeldin shared their thoughts on the double standard exposed by the recent hate crime in Buffalo and explore Tucker Carlson's culpability in the crime. Francis Maxwell reacts.

It's OK to be a "white" terrorist on rightist media.
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Doctored  :D
Fox News wants to doctor news footage to make their point? Two can play that game.
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Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) spoke out about the relative lack of news coverage devoted to WNBA star Brittney Griner’s ongoing detention in Russia. Griner has been held in Russia for at least three weeks on drug charges. She was reportedly arrested at a Russian airport in mid-February after cannabis oil products were detected in her luggage.

According to the NY Times, Russian authorities are exploring criminal charges against Griner that, if convicted, could carry a 10-year prison sentence. Griner’s arrest coincided with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the ensuing U.S. decision to lobby harsh diplomatic & economic sanctions against Russia, further complicating efforts to bring her home safely and promptly. On March 17, Griner's 'period of detention' was extended until May 19 by a Moscow court
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'Utterly degrading': Ukraine war coverage reveals devastating truth about which lives are globally valued, expert says

Amid the coverage of attacks on Ukraine by Russian forces, those with ties to other countries in conflict are raising questions about inequalities in public response.

A series of clips are circulating on social media in which broadcasters and interviewees on major platforms make statements that seemingly paint Ukrainian victims of tragedy as more sympathetic than non-European victims.

[Thread] The most racist Ukraine coverage on TV News.

1. The BBC - “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed” - Ukraine’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze

2. CBS News

"This isn't Iraq or Afghanistan...This is a relatively civilized, relatively European city" - CBS foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata

3. Al-Jazeera

"What's compelling is looking at them, the way they are dressed. These are prosperous, middle-class people. These are not obviously refugees trying to get away from the Middle East...or North Africa. They look like any European family that you'd live next door to."

4. BFM TV (France)

"We are in the 21st century, we are in a European city and we have cruise missile fire as though we were in Iraq or Afghanistan, can you imagine!?”

5. The Daily Telegraph

This time, war is wrong because the people look like us and have Instagram and Netflix accounts. It's not in a poor, remote country any more. - Daniel Hannan

6. ITV (UK)

"The unthinkable has happened...This is not a developing, third world nation; this is Europe!"

7. BFM TV (France) (again)

"It's an important question. We’re not talking here about Syrians fleeing...We're talking about Europeans."

8. If you speak French, sample from the racism buffet on offer.


9. Guy on Spanish TV news channel La Sexta:

"These aren't like the other children that we've become accustomed to see suffer on TV, these children are blond with blue eyes, [so] this is very important"

10. Star UK media personality Matthew Wright on ITV's flagship show, "This Morning":

"The US has used [a thermobaric bomb] before in Afghanistan. But the idea of it being used in Europe is stomach-churning."

And some claim Eurocentrism is something that only exists in paranoid leftist imagination.....

“To me, it’s a very shocking contrast to the representation of war in other places,” Boler told Yahoo News Canada. Boler said she is “acutely aware” of how different periods of media representation have changed the public’s access to war, and shaped the view of the public.

"The people who are saying these things seem to be marked by their own racial identity and privilege. I find it really shocking that commentators would make these kinds of statements that are so utterly degrading to the tragedies of what has happened to people in other war-torn areas, most recently Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan."

Boler added that the double standard can be seen beyond the headlines. “We might even think about how that perception, or that racism, is infusing the global response at the national level, in terms of nations that are stepping up to take action.”

“It’s not just at the level of individuals and individual reporters whose racism is being exposed, but also essentially whose life is valued at the level of international global political discourse,” she said.

Most importantly, we must stop thinking that education will solve the problem:

Want to end racism? Eliminate all racist bloodlines. It is that simple. When are we ready to start?
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World public opinion was shocked when a reporter from CBS said that Ukraine is “European, therefore, civilized” insinuating that the Ukrainians deserve, therefore, special treatment and unique refugee crisis management.

The same reporter added, while warning that he was choosing his words and was being careful, “this is not Iraq nor Afghanistan.” The Afro-American comedian, Trevor Noah, joked about this (in one of his moments of black humor) wondering: “he said all of this while choosing his words! Oh, my God.”

If he were not being careful nor choosing his words, what would he have said? Would he say, “these are white, blue eyed, civilized Europeans, unlike the uncouth and backward colored Iraqis and Afghanis who don’t know how to be targets of US, Al Qaeda and Taliban fire, and can never be good refugees?” Maybe not, but the moment was eerie—of someone trying not to be racist only to end up saying the most blatant racist thing.
The CBS reporter was not alone. Some French commentators joined the chorus of those saying, “this is Ukraine,” “this is civilization,” “this is Europe;” you can almost hear their thought: “when you are blue-eyed you are a better refugee.”
Racism shows itself not in normal situations when people painstakingly hide their real attitudes but in dire situations, i.e. when the specter of war is at the doorstep of Europe again, something unseen since WWII. When fear and anguish overcome reason, the demons of bigotry find their way to the surface.

The Hungarian photographer could not help but kick a Syrian refugee a few years ago although her role was to report an event rather than prevent it. In the heat of action, visceral reactions overcome calm and professional attitudes.

We had a blog post about this:

Do you think she would have similarly kicked and tripped "white" Ukrainian refugees? If you do, stop lying to yourself.

If reporters, journalists, and commentators lead the way in reproducing an orientalist rhetoric of racism and ethnocentrism, what will the layman say or do?

Physically throw "non-white" refugees off trains and buses? Oh wait.....
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« on: March 02, 2022, 02:05:02 pm »

Hypocritical Media Coverage of Ukraine vs. the Middle East
'This is not a developing Third World nation. This is Europe' — This is how some media commentators talk about European refugees vs. Middle Eastern refugees (hint: it's full of hypocrisy)