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Posted by: m94r
« on: May 31, 2023, 02:52:15 pm »

I was ashamed of being Chinese. Learning about my ancestors' first years in Canada changed that.


For the first 37 years of my life, I'd lived confidently believing that my family, like many Chinese Canadians, had begun our lives in Canada as part of a wave of immigration from Hong Kong and beyond during the 1970s. And then last year, in the middle of the pandemic and amid a surge of anti-Asian sentiment, I started to dig deeper into my family's past and discovered that it wasn't our first time as settlers in Canada. Our story began more than 100 years ago, in the era of the Chinese Head Tax and The Chinese Exclusion Act, when the government was determined to prevent people who looked like me from becoming citizens of this country.

As a young jook-sing — a Cantonese slang phrase for a Western-born and/or raised Chinese person who identifies more with Western than Chinese culture — in north Scarborough, I was more concerned about erasing all traces of my Chinese identity than learning about where my family came from. And you can imagine why. You see, I never saw myself in North American media, TV or film. There were never any stories that were by and about people like me. The only portrayals of Asians at the time were pumped full of stereotypical tropes: yellow-facing in shows such as Kung Fu starring David Carradine, we were background extras that were weak and sex-less, and/or we were the evil, conniving "Fu Manchu" character. I became so ashamed of being Chinese that it was easier for me to come to terms with my queer identity at 13 years old than my ethnic background.

Back in school, little was taught about Chinese Canadians (let alone stories from Indigenous peoples and other non-European communities) in history class. If we were mentioned, it was one tiny, you-had-to-find-it-using-a-magnifying-glass, paragraph about the Chinese Head Tax or Chinese working on the railway. From the education system to pop culture, zero value was placed on the stories of Chinese Canadians; it's no wonder my impressionable young mind thought this meant that my family and I didn't matter, and didn't belong here.

But my world changed last year: I became a born-again Asian. Like so many of my fellow Asian Canadians, I was grappling with the anti-Asian racism that reared its ugly head during the pandemic. In doing so, I began to reclaim the Chinese heritage that I had shunned my whole life.

On arrival, he was forced to pay the $500 Chinese Head Tax to enter the country.

He was eager to bring his family to this land and begin a life together, but those dreams were stolen from him in 1923 with the introduction of The Chinese Immigration Act (commonly called the Chinese Exclusion Act), which banned the entry of virtually all Chinese immigrants. It was the first and only immigration law that banned entry by race, and it would keep people like my great-grandfather, other naturalized Chinese immigrants and born-and-raised-in-Canada Chinese from bringing over their families until the law was repealed in 1947.

During this time, white people, specifically from Commonwealth nations, were given huge financial incentives to become settlers in Canada. With The Empire Settlement Act of 1922, the Canadian government entered into an agreement with the British government to subsidize their citizens to work in Canada and to ensure "British values" dominated. These British immigrants were even encouraged to bring over friends and acquaintances, while people like my great-grandfather, who had paid dearly to enter Canada, were forced to become "married bachelors," unable to bring over even their most immediate family members.

For many Asian Canadians, the pandemic forced us to confront some uncomfortable truths. From being blamed for giving the world "Kung flu", asked, "Where are you from? No, where are you really from?" our entire lives, to seeing our elders violently attacked and others killed, it's become clear that no matter how integrated we are in Canadian society, we are first viewed as Asian — foreign, never quite fully belonging or loyal to this country. I've had to acknowledge this othering and finally start to unpack the racism I'd internalized since childhood.

With this year marking 100 years since the Chinese Immigration Act was passed, I have begun to take pride in my background. Having pieced together my own family's journey to Canada, I am able to paint a better picture of where I descended from so I can honour my ancestors and their sacrifices.

My ancestors —  like my great-grandfather Lee Chuen Oy — were brave and strong. They faced an unwelcoming environment and they persevered. They were resilient in the face of adversity, never once complaining about the racist society and government[they should have complained] that stole their dreams when they were trying to build lives, businesses and families.

It took me 37 years but I can now finally say that I have never been more proud to be Chinese Canadian

Racist apartheid colonials are definitely experts at making non-"whites" not feel part of the country in which they were born in. I understand the deep pain that comes with feeling like an outsider in ones own country, a pain which i don't think I'll ever be able to forgive those who have made me endure this, **** the commonwealth.   
Posted by: m94r
« on: May 19, 2023, 01:49:50 pm »

Whiteness is truly a dangers disease, it weakens non-"whites" by making them hate themselves and their racial origins, it also makes them doubt themselves and not trust their instincts so that it is easier for "whites" to exert control on them. It's very important for non-"whites" to have respect for themselves and their racial origins so that they can stand firm and with pride when having to deal with the racist "white" gaze.

I'm grateful to 90rf and Zea_Mays for their websites, which have opened my eyes to this danger.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: May 18, 2023, 07:36:17 pm »

Mainstream journalism finally catches onto the obvious:

experts who study racial identity and extremism say there are a variety of reasons why nonwhite people might be drawn to the movement.

Many say that one of the main appeals of racist groups is that they can offer some people of color an opportunity to distance themselves from their own backgrounds — which they may view as inferior — and to gain some of the perceived power that comes from being aligned with whiteness.
“What’s the best way to distance yourself from feeling like you’re part of an oppressed group? It’s to align yourself with those who are part of the oppressors.

Woke comments:

Explanation? Self hating, wannabes that wish they were white.

even though blacks would never admit it, I do believe they subconsciously submit to white folks as their masters.

Ask Clarence Thomas.

many non African races...don't want to be associated with 'blacks'...when labeled as 'colored.'

Only DUMB LATINOS side with white supremacists. The ones that do will wake up one day and find the barrel of that gun pointed at them.

white Hispanics look down on darker-skinned Hispanics just as some Caucasians look down on darker-skinned races in the US.  No one should be the least bit surprised that some of their ilk would be drawn to the supremacists.

After reading the article the first person I thought of was it Ted Cruz

Those are self-haters who have psychological issues about themselves and/or their race. The best example of this is Michelle Malkin, she's a product of filipino immigrants and yet she's advocating outlawing all immigration whether legal or illegal. She was once talking about the "Affirmative Action" and how it disadvantaged white people... while talking she inadvertently and in a 'freudian slip-of-a tongue' said, "we" while talking about white people.

White supremacists don't have to be white - but remember all white are white supremacists
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: May 11, 2023, 11:25:54 pm »

"Japanese girl's Euro-Nepotism"

No, this is Eurocentrism, because she herself is non-"white".

The term comes from Italian word nepotismo,[5][6] which is based on Latin root nepos meaning nephew.[7]
Posted by: antihellenistic
« on: May 11, 2023, 11:11:05 pm »

Japanese girl's Euro-Nepotism
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: May 10, 2023, 03:40:52 am »

Our enemies have a clip capturing the essence of the interaction between "whites" and their former psychologically colonized victims, with the latter trying their hardest to receive validation from the former, even as the former are barely able to conceal that they view the latter as a joke: (video at link)

Stop trying to impress your former colonizers and concentrate instead on eliminating their bloodlines!
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: March 17, 2023, 11:34:05 pm »

It's OK to be "white" in Bali:

An Australian expat in Indonesia was caught on film yelling and pointing her fingers at Bali police officers after she was stopped for riding a scooter without a helmet.

The incident, which reportedly took place in the Indonesian district of North Kuta on March 9, started after the officers stopped the woman, identified as Marita Leaning Daniell.
Even when she is surrounded by five officers, Daniell continues to argue while waving her arms in protest.
At one point while the officers try to lead her scooter away from the busy street, she can be heard yelling in English, "Don't touch my things!"
The incident garnered disapproval from Twitter users, who criticized the woman’s behavior and labeled her an entitled “bule,” which is an Indonesian word used for white foreigners.

“I love you.....pak polisi!!!” a commenter wrote. “Those person [sic] that called "bule" just don't want to follow our rules.”

So what are you going to them? Let them get away with it?

“Huge respect for the professional and patient Bali police,” wrote another. “Embarrassing to see the lady behaving this way.”

Police are not supposed to be patient with criminals FFS! There is no reason to respect police who are patient with criminals! (And why are you referring to the criminal as "lady"?)

We have to get rid of this notion that "non-whites" have to bend over backwards to be polite at all times towards "whites" irrespective of the situation.

From the comments:

I don’t get it! WHY do officers allow women like this to treat them with zero respect and not follow the law. Just because she has a big mouth doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have arrested her for disorderly conduct.

Why do entitled people think they can go to foreign lands and tell the people and authorities in those countries what they're going to do are they dim or what?

Australians are the most prominent foreign tourist by far, especially in Bali. Almost without exception if you see a "Bule" (Indonesian term for white person) behaving badly they are Australian. Indonesia is a conservative society even in Bali. Walking around with no shirt on, string bikinis, walking with open container of beer or wine, being especially loud and boisterous, cursing at service people like waiters or waitresses, are all counter to their culture. The basic problem is many Australians, not all of course, do not respect Indonesian's or their law and culture and think it is their private playground.

But to change this requires giving them the Otto Warmbier treatment every single time.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: March 11, 2023, 10:19:56 pm »

Mainstream academic catching up to us slowly:

“Experts” refer to colorism as a bias against dark-skinned persons exclusively, but I view it more broadly as bias via complexion regardless of skin color.

It’s a taboo subject. I guess for fear of being embarrassed, we just don’t discuss it publicly, and I decided to change that.

I want to emphasize that it’s a misconception to think it’s something localized to African Americans. When I started to study this topic with my own money, I took to traveling the world. And it took me about 11 years. I’ve collected quantitative and qualitative data from all racial groups, including African-descended Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Asians.

What’s something about your research that people would be surprised by?

Most would be surprised to know that it exists among Asians.

I am not surprised.

Also, I thought people in Africa of African descent would idealize African features. But in fact, having been there, particularly when I visited South Africa about 15-20 years ago, that wasn’t true. This is the product of colonization. And the Black South Africans were colonized by Europeans, and so you find this behavior that is a norm as much in Black Africa as it is anywhere else in the world.

I had a focus group at one of the universities in South Africa, and I gave a question to the students. I said, “You have the ability to determine the skin color, the hair texture, the eye color of your expected daughter. And you can design their features any way you so choose.” And for about a minute, there was silence in the room.

Eventually one young man bravely raised his hand – a South African. He said, “I want my daughter to have blond hair, blue eyes and white skin.” And this is in the aftermath of apartheid. I was shocked by that. I was shocked.

I was expecting it.

What do you think led to his wanting that? The social value that we put on those physical features?

My guess is that this young man had been seduced by apartheid and dominated by a Western, Eurocentric environment where everything white is ideal. Although apartheid officially ended in 1994, it is now embedded in the culture, which may extended decades into the future.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I believe the world is given to Eurocentric ideals.

Unfortunately, of course! Why would it possibly be fortunate?!

One of the most dangerous phenomena that I came across is, there is currently a global market in something called bleaching creams. For example, 77% of Nigerians use bleaching creams.

Bleaching creams are cosmetic products that compromise a person’s melanin, and a result of using it is that a person will have lighter skin. And what concerned me about bleaching creams, which is a worldwide billion-dollar market, with the largest markets in Asia and in Africa, those creams contain something called hydroquinone).

The FDA has reported serious side effects including skin rashes, facial swelling and skin discoloration from hydroquinone. As of September 2020, manufacturers and distributors of over-the-counter skin lightening products that do not have FDA approval were required to be removed from the market.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: February 16, 2023, 07:00:48 pm »

Psychological colonization in schools:

An English teacher living in Japan highlighted how Japanese schools have a very different approach to education compared to American high schools.

American TikTok creator Hito Bito (@hito.bito) provides a glimpse of the rules that Japanese school kids must follow in a video posted on Jan. 24 titled “Things about my school in Japan that could send Americans into a coma.”

According to the TikToker, it is mandatory in Japanese schools to change from outdoor to indoor shoes as soon as students enter the school.
She also shares that schools prioritize cleanliness and responsibility because “kids clean the school from top to bottom every single day.”

Japanese students are also responsible for serving themselves lunch and cleaning their trays, emphasizing self-sufficiency and independence.

She also points out that there is a lack of heating or cooling in the hallways, which is why she is forced to “walk around in a coat.”
Piercings and makeup are also prohibited, although Hito Bito admits that she does not follow these rules.

And has not been fired. This is the POS:

In short, it's OK to be "white" in Japan.

It doesn't matter how good your rules are; if "whites" are not required to follow them while everyone else is, you are colonized, period.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: January 02, 2023, 09:37:47 pm »

O’dea begins the video with a disclaimer that he is not being racist.

Of course he is a racist.

He then lets a British man and an Asian woman take his photo to prove his point.
As seen in the video, the British man agrees to take O’dea’s picture, snaps once and leaves. In contrast, the Asian woman suggests angles, takes multiple shots and even gets on the ground to capture the “money shot.”

“That is what you call commitment,” O’dea declares. “And that is why I will always ask an Asian to take my photo.”

This is what I call psychological colonization: the "non-white" puts in more effort than the "white" to take a good photo of a "white". More generally, "non-whites" treats "whites" even better than "whites" treat one another.

others argued that the matter is not actually about race, but sex — and that women supposedly take better pictures than men.

To celebrate the viral video, O’dea took to what looked like a Chinatown to create a follow-up post. This time, he asked an Asian man to take his photo.

As it turned out, the Asian man delivered. He appeared to take multiple shots, rotated the camera and, like the Asian woman, bent his body in a show of “commitment.”

It is a show of servility. They will do anything to please the "white" colonialist.

And the ultimate evidence of psychological colonization? Instead of recognizing what this is really about (as I just have), here is the popular response:

Asian TikTok users expressed pride in the comments.

“Yeah...told ya. Couldn’t agree more. Hi from Sarawak Malaysia! #ProudAsian,” one user wrote.

Another noted, “Hell yeah! Asian power!”

"Asian" pride/power are about being good at serving "whites". This is why no one with dignity should ever self-identify as "Asian".

The disgusting servility continues in the comments:

Everytime a caucasian person asks me to take a pic, i look for natural light and angle and stop breathing while holding the camera/iphone and take more than 1 pic

You should be prohibited from reproducing.
Posted by: guest78
« on: December 19, 2022, 05:33:48 pm »

The ones who are unwilling to be decolonized are irredeemable and should be destroyed

I think the point was to stop them from reproducing and to quarantine them.

Destruction is reserved for actual colonizers. At least this was my understanding...
Posted by: m94r
« on: December 19, 2022, 01:43:05 pm »

non "white" euro centrists are really starting to annoy me as well, I'm thinking on ways to   decolonize them and i think the only remedy is offensive violence. Once you attack them(i mean mentally not physically) there will be some who will start to wake up and became less decolonized and others who will either refuse or are unable to be decolonized.

The ones who are unwilling to be decolonized are irredeemable and should be destroyed   
Posted by: antihellenistic
« on: December 18, 2022, 09:42:25 pm »


I think "non-white" Eurocentricists can be even more dangerous to any positive attempt at serious psychological decolonization...

That's why I more side with Islam rather than with the today leftist who are influenced by the "Neo-Marxist" or "1965s Counterculture" ideology. They tend to believe that if we not want to be oppressed then we must do and perform like how "whites" perform. Like being good at economy, speak without emotion, not beg for justice, and adapt to capitalist environment.

They even promoting Stoicism philosophy which teach us to be strong and not complain to current condition which unjust rather than teach to give a moral boost to change the current unjust environment which resulting simplicity and an easy way to achieve social equity. And Stoicism was morally Judaic because it was promoted by Paul of Tarsus alongside with fellow Ancient Greece philosopher. See this quoted article's writing below :

Stoicism cast a long shadow on later thought. The apostle Paul came from Tarsus, a center of Stoic learning, and he frequently cited Stoic authors favorably. A forged correspondence between Paul and Seneca ensured the latter’s popularity among the early Christians, and such writers as Augustine and Boethius were responsible for incorporating a great deal of Stoic thought into Christian theology.

Source :

For read more if you have time, see my previous post on this link :'blacks'-who-invented-pervert-stoicism-philosphy/msg16919/#new
Posted by: guest78
« on: December 18, 2022, 09:29:56 pm »

When we commit to psychological decolonization, Hitler already commited psychological terror to colonization. During his reign, even "whites" became shot target, not just became "colonial people". So, our struggle must be more coercive and unforgiving to them and their slaves, I mean, their "non-white" Eurocentrist who always promote their "way of live".

I think "non-white" Eurocentricists can be even more dangerous to any positive attempt at serious psychological decolonization because they can much more easily normalize Western colonialism among non-Westerners by giving it their stamp of approval, than for example a "white" ever could?
Posted by: antihellenistic
« on: December 18, 2022, 09:22:47 pm »

When we commit to psychological decolonization, Hitler already commited psychological terror to colonization. During his reign, even "whites" became shot target, not just became "colonial people". So, our struggle must be more coercive and unforgiving to them and their slaves, I mean, their "non-white" Eurocentrist who always promote their "way of live".