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Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: February 04, 2023, 08:33:18 pm »

SWEDEN’s Islam Party Nuance (Nyans) organizes symbolic hanging of Jimmie Åkesson (Right-wing Sweden Democrats leader) doll

After Nyans party leader Mikail Yüksel became very upset and offended by Rasmus Paludan’s quran burning outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm recently, he is now planning his own demonstration.
State television has interviewed voters in one of the Muslim party Nyan’s strongest strongholds in Gothenburg. A Muslim woman says that many people vote for Nyans because the other parties “have many Swedish speakers”.  The Nyans party has people who speak Turkish, Arabic and Somali.

The party had also hoped to enter Malmö’s municipal council. There we are missing 0.07 (percent) right now and there are nine districts left to count. And they count invalid votes too so there is still a chance. But if we don’t get in, we will appeal in Malmö, says Mikail Yüksel.

In 30 electoral districts in Gothenburg, which are characterized by a high percentage of residents with a foreign background, the party received over ten percent. In the electoral district Svarte mosse, every fourth voter votes for Nyans.

Our enemies didn't burn an imitation Koran, they burned a real one. Why are we merely hanging a fake Akesson and not the real one?

See also:
Posted by: m94r
« on: January 03, 2023, 12:13:17 pm »

Fck racist france, I hope one day Algerian's totally invade and destroy the french colonizers, and then convert the land into more Algerian territory. Algerian's still haven't enacted full vengeance on these colonizers who intended to exterminate our ancestors.

132 years of colonization probably destroyed most of our best blood.

All traces of garbage french eurocentric influence need to be totally eradicated from all Algerian's. It is insanity for a people to be eurocentric to there colonizer. Especially when there colonizer hates them, and even tried to exterminate them. It is essentially a subconscious form of severe self hatred. A people cannot rise to the greatness that they are able to reach if they hate themselves, even if this hate is not conscious.

Inshallah one day we will exterminate these french devils.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: January 02, 2023, 08:18:54 pm »

Investigative Journalist Amy Mek said in a tweet, “Make Your Predictions! France’s traditional ‘burning of the infidel’s cars” on New Year’s Eve is starting to take place. Last year, 1,000+ vehicles were set on fire on the night of December 31. Will France’s cultural enrichers break last year’s record?”
For decades, on New Year’s Eve, while the residents stay inside their homes, hooligans take to the roads in France and set hundreds of cars on fire.

There have been recurrent incidents of car burning in France over the years, and it has taken the shape of an annual event. The level of vandalism reached the point that the authorities have reduced publicising these events to avoid competition in different areas. Reports suggest that in 2019, 1,457 cars were burnt, while 1,290 cars were set ablaze in 2018.
Now the act works as a manner of daily protest against alienation, discrimination and the indifference of more affluent French society.”  What’s more, somewhere between 42,000 and 60,000 automobiles are intentionally torched in France every year.

Counterculture bonus stages:
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: December 24, 2022, 08:23:23 pm »

“Leicester has become the poster city for multicultural Britain, a place where the stunning number and size of the minorities – the 55 mosques, 18 Hindu temples, nine Sikh gurudwaras, two synagogues, two Buddhist centres and one Jain centre – are seen not as a recipe for conflict or a millstone around the city’s neck, but a badge of honour,” was how, in 2013, the British liberal newspaper The Independent celebrated the transformation of Britain’s tenth-largest city.

Destroy the two synagogues!

Just a year ago, Leicester was celebrated by the Institute of Historical Research in London as the most multicultural city in the UK. “Here, everyone is a minority,” headlined The Guardian in 2010, rejoicing that “Leicester will soon become the first British city with a non-white majority”. Christianity had been replaced by Islam.

The highest proportion are found in the London boroughs of Newham (69.2%), Brent (65.4%) and Redbridge (65.2%). Outside London, the highest proportion of non-whites is in Slough (64.0%), followed by Leicester (59.1%), Luton (54.8%) and Birmingham (51.4%). The most popular name among those born in England in 2022 is Mohammed.

“Leicester to be first city where white people are minority,” announced The Independent in 2007. Some understood that it would not end well. “Plural cities, opportunities or time bomb?” the Commission for Racial Equality headlined a conference seminar about Leicester. What happened? Leicester became Islamized fast. In 2001, the Muslim population was 11%. By 2017, it made up 20%. Among children, Islam is dominant.
Here is the situation today in major British cities and boroughs. The total population is listed on the left, with the Islamic percentage in parentheses:

    Birmingham, population 1,149,000: (29.9%)
    Leeds, 792,000: (7.8%)
    Sheffield: 584,000: (10.3%)
    Bradford: 536,000 (30.5%)
    Manchester: 553,000 (22.3%)
    Bristol: 467,000 (6.7%)
    Cardiff: 357,000 (9.3%)
    Leicester: 357,000 (23.5%)
    Nottingham: 331,000 (12.2%)
    Newcastle: 315,000 (10.3%)
    Blackburn with Darwen: 148,000 (35%)
    Fenland: 101,000 (12.2 %)
    Luton: 218,000 (32.9%)
    Slough: 164,000 (29.4% )
    Watford: 96,000 (13%)
    Pendle: 91,000 (26%)
    Oldham: 237,000 (24.3%)
    Rochdale: 211,000 (18.8%)
    Kirklees: 438,000 (19%)
    Barking and Dagenham: 211,000 (24.4%)
    Brent: 331,000 (21.4%)
    Newham: 352,000 (34.8%)
    Redbridge: 303,000 (31.3%)
    Tower Hamlets: 319,000 (39.9%)
    Westminster: 261,000 (20%)

Soon, half of Birmingham’s population will also be Muslim. “There were 301,000 Muslims in Birmingham in 2018, making up 27% of the local population,” wrote the Birmingham Mail in 2019. “The number of Muslims has risen by 21% from 249,000 in 2011.” The same newspaper noted that Muslim children in the city now outnumber Christian ones.

“In the working-class district of Small Heath, in the eastern part of the city, 95 per cent of the population is Muslim,” Le Figaro reported in 2017 about Birmingham.

Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: October 26, 2022, 05:17:21 pm »

More worrying from our enemies:

In today’s revoltingly “woke” cancel culture world, you will be called a “bigot” if you talk about the “Great Replacement,” because leftists and secularists deny the importance of demographic and cultural issues.

No, True Leftists emphasize the importance of demographic and cultural issues. This is why we have this topic. We talk about the Great Replacement all the time in a positive tone. You are only a bigot if you talk about the Great Replacement in a negative tone.

Egyptian-born Jewish woman, Bar Ye’or, who fled Cairo for Britain after the Suez crisis, describes “Europe’s evolution from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment secular elements, into a post-Judeo-Christian civilization that is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it.” She explained the future she saw for Europe. “We are now heading towards a total change in Europe, which will be more and more Islamicized and will become a political satellite of the Arab and Muslim world.”

This is a bigot.

This trend was also noted by late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi, who said in 2006, “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

This is not a bigot. See the difference? (But I would advise Muslims to buy guns and swords anyway. Too many times I have seen complacency turn victory into defeat.)

Michel Onfray, “We are in a perfect storm, this after we had deluded ourselves that we had put religion away in the closet of old and unstitched clothes. Europe is dying and you can feel all the sadness of a world that has consumed itself, as if the birth of the “new man”, having rid himself of all his Western affiliations, requires the cultural and physical end of the old continent.”

This is a bigot.

For example, the French municipality of Arcueil is a town of 20,000 inhabitants in the Marne. But the only French names are the 90-year-olds who will soon pas on. “The demographics of white Catholics plummet while the demography of Muslims grows”, Michel Onfray replied to those who asked him for an opinion on this “Great Replacement.”


Islamic extremists find active support among European intellectuals and in some political currents.

Why do you think this is?

Graphs indicate, from 1968 to 2018, the progression of Muslim names between births. In Île-de-France, where one fifth of the entire French population lives, we are at 30 percent, with peaks of 53 percent in the Seine-Saint-Denis. In the second region, Rhône-Alpes, 20 per cent. In the third, the French Riviera, 23 percent
Le Figaro tells us that “in the Seine-Saint-Denis, Catholic institutions have a third of Muslim students and even more.

The situation is similar on the outskirts of Lyon. And in the districts of Marseille, a Catholic school has 98 percent of them”. Le Monde: “In a Catholic school in Marseille, 80 percent of the students are Muslims”. From a report by the Courrier Internazional: “In the mixed districts of Marseille and in the industrial regions of the north of the country, the proportion exceeds 50 percent”.


Marguerite Yourcenar wrote in her beautiful “Memoirs of Hadrian”: “The world, tired of us, will seek new masters; what seemed wise to us will appear in vain, what seemed beautiful to us will appear horrible.

Yes, we are tired of you. This is your version of wisdom:

This is your version of beauty:

This is the new master:
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: October 24, 2022, 11:22:52 pm »

Thank you!

Kauthar Bouchallikht[a] (born May 16, 1994) is a Dutch politician, climate activist and publicist. She was elected to the House of Representatives in the 2021 general election on behalf of the green political party GroenLinks. Bouchallikht is the first member of parliament in Dutch parliamentary history to wear a hijab. She is also known for her activism in the climate movement.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: October 15, 2022, 04:46:49 pm »

A professor of history-geography at the Georges-Brassens High School in Evry-Courcouronnes in Essonne has been targeted with death threats and anti-Semitic insults in an anonymous letter delivered to the school on Monday, October 10, Le Figaro learned from the public prosecutor’s office of Evry, confirming a report by CNews. The prosecutor’s office informs us that an investigation has been opened for “death threats directed at a public service employee,” with aggravating circumstances pertaining to religion.

“The dirty Jew should stop being sly,” “We will make a Samuel Paty out of him and his father, the old Zionist rabbi,” and further, “We don’t want Jews in the high schools, stay in your synagogues,” we can read in the letter, revealed by CNews.

My only criticism is that to threaten is to give the prospective targets advance warning.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: October 05, 2022, 09:14:46 pm »

This is the kind of question we need to ask more often:
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: September 29, 2022, 08:08:07 pm »

Our enemies worry:

In the north-central African Sahel region, the population is expected to reach 330 million, seven times its population of 2000. Egypt will reach 190 million. Algeria will go from the current 42 to 72 million (most of whom will likely head for Europe). Morocco will grow from 36 million to 43 million.

So, the "old Europe" will find itself facing a North Africa of 318 million inhabitants, not counting those residing beneath the immense sub-Saharan plateau. In France today, 29.6% of the population aged 0 - 4 is of non-European origin, compared to 17.1% percent aged 18-24. Non-Europeans are also 18.8% percent in those aged 40 -44; 7.6% aged 60-64, and 3.1% for those over 80, according to the national statistics institute, Insee. The institute also recently examined the last three generations in France: 16.2% of all children between the ages of 0- 4 are children or grandchildren of North African origin; 7.3% are from the rest of Africa, and 4% are from Asia.

George Soros' Open Society Foundation, which provides financial support for immigration to Western countries, disclosed as early as 2011 that in Marseille, the second-largest city in France, "between 30 and 40 percent of the population is Muslim". It is not difficult to assume that by now, the symbolic threshold of 50% has already been exceeded, even if there are not yet official reports. The monthly Causeur bluntly states: "Well over 50 per cent of the Marseille population is North African and black African".

Ceuta and Melilla, two Spanish exclaves on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, form the only land border between the European Union and Africa. In Ceuta, two parallel fences, six meters high and topped with razor wire, run for eight kilometers along the border with Morocco. In Melilla, similar fences run 12 kilometers along the border. Nets, cameras, noise and motion sensors, spotlights and surveillance posts help to monitor it. Every year, tens of thousands of migrants, hundreds at a time, try to cross the barriers of Ceuta and Melilla. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais:

    "In 1887 there was only one Muslim registered in Melilla, he was originally from Casablanca and worked as a servant; today Muslims exceed 40 percent of the population and are approaching the majority".
Pakistan will become a young cauldron of 403 million people, almost the same as the population of the entire European Union (448 million); and its youth will go to the "stans" that will have been created around Europe.
Janis Garisons, Latvia's defense secretary, just offered Politico among potential scenarios after Putin's eventual fall, "an internal war... the disintegration and fragmentation of Russia, with pockets controlled by militias and warlords."

In that eventuality, Islam will have a unique opportunity to fulfill its dream of a caliphate by creating an unbroken chain of Muslim entities from Pakistan and Afghanistan to the North Caucasus and the Volga. In the worst-case scenario, the situation could get out of control. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, weapons of mass destruction began to spread around the world, posing a threat to human existence itself. Nobody knows what will happen if Russian missiles and high-tech weapons fall into the hands of the "caliphs" or "emirs" of the new Islamic Russian states.

Perhaps some can be fired at Israel?

In addition, Islam will have overtaken Christianity as the largest religion in the world. The Islamic population of the European Union, depending on the migratory flows, could reach 75 million within a generation -- like an entire Muslim Germany or, if one prefers, like Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Sweden combined. Does that sound better?

It sounds not good enough. 750 million would be better.

"They have not managed to change us. It is we who will change them," Norwegian imam "Mullah Krekar" told the newspaper Dagbladet.

I am not so optimistic. I don't think they can be changed either:


Already today, Islam is the leading religion in Brussels.

Algerian author Boualem Sansal recently said on French radio:

    "France has made deals with Islamists: in France there were once 10 mosques, today there are 3,000 and Arabia and Qatar finance the Islamization of suburbs. The French government has been overwhelmed".

"Islam is a growing social force in Britain's second city," headlined The Economist, referring to England's second-largest city after London, Birmingham, where the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer. A small portrait of a conquered city:

    "In the city's 200 mosques, Muslims come not only to pray, but also to buy books, receive instructions, marry, divorce and bury their dead. Every year hundreds of people approach its 'sharia council', which administers family law."

When Birmingham's annual Eid Festival began in 2012, it was attended by 20,000 worshipers. In 2014 there were 40,000. In 2015, 70,000. In 2016, 90,000. In 2017, 100,000. In 2018, 140,000. Then Covid stopped all large gatherings. Now they are resuming.

The population of Birmingham will soon be half Muslim. "Muslims in Birmingham in 2018 amounted to 27 per cent of the population," noted the Birmingham Mail . "The number of Muslims increased from 21 percent in 2011". Business Live revealed that the number of Muslim children in the city has surpassed the number of Christian children:

    "In addition to Birmingham, Islam is now the dominant religion among children in Leicester, Bradford, Luton, Slough and the London boroughs of Newham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets."
According to Hungarian journalist Károly Lorán in the newspaper Magyar Hirlap:

    "[T]he United Nations estimates that world population will reach a peak of 11 billion people in 2100, three billion more than today. The increase will come from the sub-Saharan region. The Asian population will change little. The population of North America will grow by 120 million and that of the European Union will decrease by 60 million, due to Poland, Germany, Italy and Spain. If we fail to change the birthrate of 1.5 that characterizes the European Union and the current immigration of 1 million people per year remains, by the end of the century the share of the Muslim population will reach 40 percent on average. Some Western European countries will already have a Muslim majority. If we want to replace the declining population with immigrants, we will need 1.5 million immigrants a year and, by the end of the century, 60 per cent of the population of the European Union will be Muslim".

That is too slow. Successfully accomodating climate refugees will necessitate accepting many times that amount.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: September 12, 2022, 06:00:34 pm »

How to know we are gaining ground:

For every Jew who flees Europe, thousands of Muslims are coming in to replace them.

According to Natan Sharansky, “There is no future for the Jews in France because of the Arab Muslims, and because of a very anti-Israel position in society
Liyahou Haddad was murdered on August 19 at his home in Longperrier, a town north of Paris in the Seine-et-Marne department. Mohammed Dridi claimed that he killed Haddad because he was a Jew. The Express reveals a murderer who posted frequent messages of hatred for Jews and praise for Islam.
    -René Hadjadj, an 89-year-old Jew with a kippah, is ousted from the 17th floor by Rachid Kheniche, another Muslim neighbor, who used to keep social accounts full of anti-Semitic messages like Haddad’s kille did.
    -A month earlier, another Jew, Jeremy Cohen, was killed by a tram after fleeing a beating in the Islamized Bobigny (there are 9 mosques there).
    -And then the torture and killing of Ilan Halimi in the Islamized Bagneux, the murder of Sarah Halimi, again by a Muslim neighbor, the murder of Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll by another Muslim neighbor, to continue with the murdered Jews in Toulouse (from which the Jews are leaving) and in a Parisian neighborhood.

The French authorities avoid making any remarks that might even seem “offensive” to Muslims. Synagogues and Jewish schools are guarded around the clock by armed soldiers. Jews who still live in France know that wearing a kippah or a Star of David is dangerous. The news is full of chilling examples.

In Marseille, a Jewish community leader urged Jews, for their safety, to avoid wearing Jewish symbols in public. As the latter disappear, the Islamic ones proliferate, from the burkini on the beaches to the veil in the workplace.

    -A 15-year-old girl comes home from high school. She is wearing a pendant with the star of David. A man armed with a knife attacks her, cuts her face and runs away from her. She will remain disfigured for life.
    -In Sarcelles, an eight-year-old boy wearing a kippah is kicked and punched by two teenagers. We are in one of “Les émirats de la République”, the emirates of the Republic, from the title of the book by François Pupponi, former socialist mayor of Sarcelles.
    -In Bondy, two young Jews wearing kippahs are brutally beaten with sticks and metal bars.
    -In Marseille, a Jewish teacher is attacked with machetes by a high school student who said he wants to “behead a Jew”. The man protected himself with the Torah he held in his hand. He survived but was seriously injured.
French Jews who can leave the country leave. Those who have not yet decided to leave or who do not have the financial means to do so move to safer neighborhoods. In 2000, France had 500,000 Jews. Today less than 400,000 and dropping dramatically. “What is happening is an ethnic cleansing that one does not dare to name, in a few decades there will be no Jews in France,” said Richard Abitbol,​​ president of the Confederation of French Jews and Friends of Israel.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: August 16, 2022, 08:01:45 pm »

A deputy for Emmanuel Macron has put forward a radical constitutional bill aiming to grant voting rights to all foreigners in French municipal elections, with the move earning harsh criticism from conservatives who warn the entire country’s future faces dire consequences if such a bill passes.

Currently, only foreigners residing in France from the European Union have the right to vote in these types of elections.
“This recognition is long overdue. However, we owe it to those who have often and for a long time participated in the dynamism of our society,” said Houlié, who also denounced what he said is the “discrimination between two categories of foreigners.”

I agree.

data from the last election shows that 85 percent of Muslims ended up voting for Macron, showcasing why his party may be so interested in converting more foreigners into a stronger voting bloc.


There are signs that Macron himself is not necessarily onboard with the idea, at least not yet, with his own interior minister coming out against it.

“The minister of the interior is firmly opposed to this measure,” said an official working for Minister Gérald Darmanin.

Macron wants to lose to rightists:'moderates'-serve-the-right/msg14230/#msg14230
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: July 10, 2022, 08:44:46 pm »

Our enemies report on our success:

While Lieven Verstraete, an acclaimed Belgian journalist who hosts the program, "De Zevende Dag" ("The Seventh Day"), was recently interviewing two members of the Green Party, he raised the issue of immigration and called Brussels "the perfect example of a city whose neighborhoods are conquered one by one by newcomers".

Newcomers? Conquered?

"How?" replied Nadia Naji, a politician of Molenbeek's Green party.

"Well," Verstraete, visibly uncomfortable, tried to explain, "more and more people with immigrant origins come to live there and claim their place. Do you feel Belgian in Molenbeek?"

A few hours after the broadcast, he apologized.


"In twenty years", the French newspaper Le Figaro predicted about Brussels, "the European capital will be Muslim".

"Almost a third of the population of Brussels already is Muslim", stated Olivier Servais, a sociologist at the University of Louvain.
The Chief Rabbi of Brussels, Albert Guigui, was attacked by a group of Arabs. They insulted him, spat on him and kicked him. Since then, Guigui has not worn his skullcap in public.

No Jew lives in the Gare du Nord district anymore. "There are hardly any Jews left in this neighborhood," remarked Michel Laub, founder of the Museum of Deportation in Malines. "Yet this part of Schaerbeek near the Gare du Nord was once an important Jewish quarter."
The Filigranes bookshop in Brussels, the largest in the country, canceled a meeting with the journalist Éric Zemmour for "security reasons".


Djemila Benhabib, in Le Point, noted that "in Brussels half of the Socialist electorate is Muslim."
in the mid-1970s there were only 6 mosques and Koranic schools in Brussels, in the early 1980s there were 38, now they are 80. And so, headlines Le Vif, "mosque projects are flourishing in Brussels".

Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: June 28, 2022, 10:25:01 pm »

From our enemies:

Twenty percent of babies born in France during 2021 were given a Muslim name, according to a new analysis of data released from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies.

The French civil registry, a list published since 1900 of all the first names of children born in France, is reviewed by the Fdesouche news outlet every year.

The percentage of Muslim names for 2021 is actually the first decrease seen since 1996, with a loss of 0.30 points compared to 2020. Since 2000, the number of Muslim names given to newborns has grown an average of 0.7 percentage points per year.
It is also worth noting that all children born in 2021 were conceived during coronavirus lockdowns.

During a pandemic, a dutiful citizen would try to avoid burdening the healthcare system with extra births. Since the pandemic caused the % of Muslim names for newborns in France to decrease, this shows Muslims are significantly more dutiful French citizens. And yet Muslims are the ones demographically decreasing, precisely as a consequence of their dutiful behaviour. This is why we need state control over reproduction: to decrease births among the less dutiful more than the births decrease spontaneously among the more dutiful, thus over time demographically shifting the population towards greater sense of public duty.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: June 20, 2022, 04:20:30 am »

Our enemies give us reasons to be hopeful:

Journalists have analyzed the situation of Jews in districts such as La Duchère. The responses from the families with whom they meet are always the same: constant Muslim harassment and threats.
La Duchère is one of the districts defined by the French government as a "Zone Urbaine Sensible" ("sensitive urban zone"). These districts should be more accurately called "no-go zones," but the French authorities and the French mainstream media say that "no-go zones," which are scattered throughout the country, do not exist in France. The police, however, have so far identified 751 of them.

They are almost exclusively populated by Arab and African Muslims who live together and have their own rules and their own code of conduct.
Macron was elected by a massive number of votes from people over the age of 65. Mélenchon, in addition to the Muslim vote, received huge support from people under 34. The French school system is in the hands of teachers who vote predominately for the left ], and they have influence. Marine Le Pen received the votes of poor whites, former blue collar workers now condemned to unemployment, and lower middle class people who had fled the neighborhoods that became "sensitive urban zones" when the Muslim gangs began to rule there.
The part of the electorate who would vote for her is gradually decreasing. Macron's electorate is mostly old and is also gradually disappearing. Mélenchon, who sees that the Muslim electorate will continue to grow, may well calculate that in five years, he will have a chance.

In the years to come, the "sensitive urban zones" will grow. A feeling of public insecurity, as nothing has been done to curb it, will also continue to grow. To adapt to the situation, Macron recently appointed as Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye, a man leading the fight against "white privilege" and author of a book that praises the Black Lives Matter movement. Zemmour, during the election campaign, said that France could die soon. If current trends continue, he might be right.

If we can hold off Le Pen and Zemmour for a few more election cycles, we are all set.
Posted by: 90sRetroFan
« on: June 11, 2022, 08:33:50 pm »

Another effect of Operation Gaddafi is the possibility of co-opting the term "anti-Semitism":

Sawsan Chebli is the daughter of Palestinian asylum seekers, and was raised in Berlin.
she is reportedly aiming to become Minister of the Interior for the Bundesrepublik.
Sawsan Chebli is controversial due to numerous statements. Most recently, the native Palestinian said: “Anti-Semitism threatens us all, it also threatens Muslims in particular.” This caused outrage on social media networks.

This is technically accurate, considering the Islamic texts were written in a Semitic language, and indeed the particular Semitic language whose geographical spread is largely owed to the spread of Islam:

When present-day Islamophobes oppose Arabic classes being offered as a language option in schools in EU countries, they are being literally anti-Semitic! When present-day Islamophobes burn a Koran written in Arabic, they are being literally anti-Semitic! And so on.

Whereas we have already thoroughly debunked the false notion of anti-Jewishness being "anti-Semitism":