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True Left vs False Left / Re: Western Democracy
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on Today at 02:21:51 am »
Japan, South Korea and Northern China are not part of Western civlization. There is really no excuse for you to not know this by now. You are just making us look bad by posting like this.
True Left vs False Left / Re: Western Democracy
« Last post by antihellenistic on Today at 02:00:34 am »
United States which already influenced by Counterculturedom and "Black aristocracies", must retain it's new values, but the problem is majority of it's populations still potentially hold western conservative worldview. They must enhance their current governmental power, and if possible, installing central ruling (non-democracy) to prevent the majority from getting governmental power through democratic institutions.

United States must enforce the authoritarian rule in Western Europe too, to prevent the European conservative masses from gaining power through democratic political institutions. Therefore the leftism can be impelmented without huge obstacles, and the tamed Europeans who are under control can be forced into conscription to attack the last bastion of Western Civilization, Russia, Japan, South Korea, "Australia", "New Zealand", and Northern China
True Left vs False Left / Re: True Left Breakthrough: Ahimsa
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on May 25, 2024, 11:32:17 pm »
Mythical World / Re: Aesir vs Vanir
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on May 25, 2024, 11:25:04 pm »

European ancestors include hunter gatherers (circled in green), Eurasian steppe populations (circled in red), and early European farmers (circled in blue).Image: Harvard Medical School
Issues / Re: Social decolonization
« Last post by rp on May 25, 2024, 09:21:16 pm »
My parents (specifically father) was thankfully decolonized enough to reject this Western degeneracy. Unfortunately, the same was not true of my relatives.
Issues / Re: Social decolonization
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on May 25, 2024, 08:51:11 pm »
Another Western institution spread around the world during the colonial era that we need to get rid of:

A children's party or kids' party is a party for children such as a birthday party or tea party. Since medieval times, children have dressed specially for such occasions.[1]

Children's birthday parties originated in Germany as kinderfeste.[2]
It should also be mentioned that kid's parties are a lucrative business. For example, businesses that target these type of events for the most part help by renting all items or necessary equipment such as tables, chairs and inflatable castles.

The popularity of Children's Birthday parties over the last 30 years has helped create the Children's party entertainer industry that provides services for kids parties with some popular ones being; balloon twisting, face-painting, kids magic shows, children's party games and characters for hire.

As a child, I was forced to attend birthday parties of classmates* despite never wanting to go. They are among my worst memories. Compulsory schooling was bad enough, but at least it could be blamed on (Western) law. Attending birthday parties is absolutely not required by law, but that my parents forced me to go nevertheless proves that adherence to Western culture is an even deeper problem than obedience to Western law.

(* At least I kept the tiniest sliver of dignity in not once inviting any classmates to my birthdays.)

The birthday does not reflect Islamic tradition ... A good portion of Muslims (and Arab Christians) who have emigrated to the United States and Europe celebrate birthdays as customary especially for children
western-style birthday cakes are increasingly common among urban Chinese.
The Japanese reckoned their birthdays by the Chinese system until the Meiji Reforms. Celebrations remained uncommon or muted until after the American occupation that followed World War II.

Stop imitating your Western colonizers FFS!
News / Re: Court packing
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on May 25, 2024, 06:56:20 pm »
True Left vs Right / Re: Right-left (Judeo-)Christian divergence
« Last post by 90sRetroFan on May 25, 2024, 06:22:55 pm »

mixed martial artist Bryce Mitchell said he will be home-schooling his infant son because he doesn’t “want him to be gay.”

“We’re going to have to home-school all our kids or they’re all going to end up turning gay,” Mitchell, 29, said in an Instagram video Wednesday while holding his son, Tucker, who he said was born on March 29. “That’s the reason I’m going to home-school Tucker, because I don’t want him to be a communist. I don’t want him to worship Satan. I don’t want him to be gay.”
he complained that public schools don’t have students reading the Bible.

“They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allen Poe, who shacked up with his cousin,” said Mitchell, an Arkansas native who works as a cattle farmer when he’s not in an MMA cage. “My son ain’t going to be reading no Edgar Allan Poe, OK? He’s going to be reading the Bible.”
Mitchell’s Instagram video drew mixed responses. At least two fellow UFC fighters appeared to support it: Sean Strickland, a former UFC middleweight champion who himself has made anti-LGBTQ remarks publicly, commented with prayer and American flag emojis, and welterweight star Jorge Masvidal wrote, “God Bless.”

Mitchell follows the Old Testament:

He is widely regarded as a central figure of Romanticism
In 1835, at age 26, Poe obtained a license to marry his cousin Virginia Clemm, who was then age 13; they were married for 11 years until her death, which may have inspired some of Poe's writing.

Some scholars, including Marie Bonaparte, have read many of Poe's works as autobiographical and have concluded that Virginia died a virgin.[31] It has been speculated that she and her husband never consummated their marriage, although no evidence is given.[32] This interpretation often assumes that Virginia is represented by the title character in the poem "Annabel Lee": a "maiden... by the name of Annabel Lee".[31] Poe biographer Joseph Wood Krutch suggests that Poe did not need women "in the way that normal men need them", but only as a source of inspiration and care,[33] and that Poe was never interested in women sexually.[34]

“I was a child and she was a child,” Poe wrote in “Annabel Lee,” his late-life poem seemingly inspired by his marriage.

Poe follows the New Testament:

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