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Re: Academic decolonization
« Reply #60 on: September 28, 2022, 06:56:26 pm »
You should be trying to turn the US into an anti-Western country.

Even though the "United States" are culturally influenced by "woke" people today, their foreign policies still "Manifest Destiny" and "Western" in nature. They not stop to threaten us with sanctions if we change our current "western" economic system into a new one, which more less-oppressing or even more solving the problem than it.

That's why the Africans today more side with China rather than the "tolerant" West. The China give us "infrastructure economic cooperation" whereas "The West" give us debt and deceptive economic cooperation.

We hardly to trust the "leftism" of the West right now. Even they through online media try to do anything to support regime change in Iran after their authorities murder a woman who release her hijab on Iranian's public. Which means support Iran to change their Islamic ideology into a new one which possibly absorb the Western's pervert Freemason leftism (liberalism)