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Re: Academic decolonization
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New York University fired Prof. Maitland Jones Jr. this summer after 82 of the 350 students in his organic chemistry class signed a petition expressing concern about the effectiveness of his teaching. Large numbers of students were receiving low scores on exams, and some had withdrawn from the course.

The stakes were high. Organic chemistry is typically taught as a weed-out class, an introductory-level class that is designed to be so difficult or so intensive that only the most serious students can advance — in this case, to medical school.
Instead, universities should focus on the broader goal of teaching for equity and with empathy, which means ensuring that students get the support they need to learn and succeed, without petitions and even without having to ask.

Our enemies are defending Jones:

If you ask me, it's not an issue of whether organic chemistry should or should not be a pre-med requirement, but that the uniquely Western subject of organic chemistry should not be taught at all. Imagine how many of the problems in:

would not exist if only organic chemistry had never existed!

A crucial breakthrough for organic chemistry was the concept of chemical structure, developed independently in 1858 by both Friedrich August Kekulé and Archibald Scott Couper.[7] Both researchers suggested that tetravalent carbon atoms could link to each other to form a carbon lattice, and that the detailed patterns of atomic bonding could be discerned by skillful interpretations of appropriate chemical reactions.[8]
The discovery of petroleum and the development of the petrochemical industry spurred the development of organic chemistry. Converting individual petroleum compounds into types of compounds by various chemical processes led to organic reactions enabling a broad range of industrial and commercial products including, among (many) others: plastics, synthetic rubber, organic adhesives, and various property-modifying petroleum additives and catalysts.

This is what Western civilization looks like on the molecular scale:

Indeed, all organic chemists should be prohibited from reproducing.
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