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Re: Anti-gentrification
« on: September 20, 2022, 05:30:26 pm »
I do not find this funny:

his makes us think twice about riding in the water.

Horseback riding on a gorgeous tropical island? Yes, please! With crystal clear waters, fresh open air, and beautiful horses, what could possibly go wrong?
"The caca floating nooooo 😭," wrote @love.dia3. Isn't it awful? Not only was it totally unplanned and impossible to avoid, but it definitely killed any cute, romantic, or sexy vibes.

Firstly, only those with Turanian blood memory could consider horseriding to be "sexy". Secondly, there were no horses in Jamaica prior to the colonial era, so any tourist in Jamaica who ride horses is in effect celebrating Western colonialism.

Honestly, why is riding horses in places which didn't even have horses until recently something that so many Western tourists like to do? Horseriding in water is especially appalling.

Woke comments:

these animals are not in good condition, and this is torture to them. This is why I keep mentioning, if you are a large person, stay away from the horses! I'm quite sure you wouldn't want a 100lb back of barley slamming on your kidneys as you try to run down the beach. Multiply that be 2X, and let's see how you feel. Or the great one, people kicking a horse in the sides...yeah, no, that isn't how a horse is asked to move forward.

People need to stop supporting these 'fun at the expense of animals' trips!  Do you know how hard those horses have to work to carry a saddle and rider thru the water, over and over and over all day long?  They generally are not treated well, they are only money makers for the owners.  Nothing funny about this story, I just feel sorry for the horses.

Will NEVER ride any of these poor animals. They are punished without reason, overweight people bouncing on their backs, forced to be ridden under any conditions. More people should think about this prior to getting on a horse.

I would never ride a horse in water that deep. How is that fun? It sure does not look like something my horse would enjoy either.

Horses hooves are basically big clods of keratin.  Like fingernails.  They soften in the water and wear badly and quickly and makes walking difficult for the horse.

everything around there is beautiful BUT stupid assed tourists always manage to screw it up
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