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Re: Anti-gentrification
« on: March 02, 2023, 01:54:16 am »
We need more of this:

A jury convicted Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi and Levi Aki Jr. in November, finding that they were motivated by Christopher Kunzelman's race when they punched, kicked and used a shovel to beat him in 2014. His injuries included a concussion, two broken ribs and head trauma.
“Haole,” a Hawaiian word with meanings that include foreigner and white person, is central to the case. It's a word often misunderstood by people who don't comprehend Hawaii's history of U.S. colonization and the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom by a group of American businessmen, said Judy Rohrer, author of a book titled “Haoles in Hawai'i.”
“Acting haole” means “acting out of entitlement, and like you own the place,” she said.

In video recorded by cameras on Kunzelman's vehicle parked under the house, only one racial utterance can be heard, defense attorneys said. Aki is heard saying, “You’s a haole, eh.”
Attorneys for Aki and Alo-Kaonohi say it wasn't Kunzelman's race that provoked them, but his entitled and disrespectful attitude.

Kunzelman came to the village saying he wanted to help residents improve their homes and boost property values, without considering that higher property values come with higher property taxes in a state with the highest cost of living, the defense attorneys said. But the tipping point came when Kunzelman cut locks to village gates, they said.

Kunzelman testified he did so because residents were locking him in and out. He testified that he wanted to provide the village with better locks and distribute keys to residents.

Woke comments:

Maybe they didn’t want a repeat of the first time white dudes went there. It’s in their nature to take over things that were perfectly fine before they got there.

The US stole Hawaii and Americans continue to take from Hawaii and Native Hawaiian people.

Stand  your ground my Hawaiian brothers! BLM

people in america should learn. the how we got and why we have Hawaii as a state. well might as well call it CRT too lol because white people are going to feel bad. cause its not good happy hula girl love story. more like what we did to the native americans.

the invasive species, you guys came and invaded them first, the Japanese didn't come to conquer them, they came after you guys, you were the ones they wanted.  So to think they would be under Japanese rule is racist.  AIsn't Japan your friends, they would treat Hawaians better.  Japan is a decent country.  You guys are the feral invasive species, don't belong no where, but yet everywhere.

That's why we call them invasive species. Suddenly they are there all around you, and bring their laws and rules with them. We call them wasiicu. They think it is a racist name, but it is a descriptive name, we give names on the first encounter, our first encounter is they had slaves, prisoners, servants, and workers, soldiers, all under their authority. Wasiicu in short means slave takers, because they attempted to take us to work for them, when we didn't it was prison, if that didn't work it was death. So call it racist, or what ever, we could have named them thieves, but our first view was them with slaves, etc.

Hawaiian is real victim after US stole their country. They became minority now. Some Hawaiian even became homeless while white western American became their master. It is not fair to them. They lost land, culture and thier people.

Fighting the colonizers.  Native Americans could learn something. Including Americans today….free those innocent guys!

See also:

These are the Kunzelmans:

Will anyone finish them off?
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