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Re: Anti-gentrification
« on: May 20, 2023, 03:00:54 pm »
Gentrifier Eurocentrist Xi vs Chinese blood memory:

President Xi Jinping says he doesn't want a hodgepodge 'street stall economy' in Beijing, even as China's youth unemployment rates hit a record high
China's President Xi Jinping isn't on board with reviving street stalls in Beijing even amid record-high youth employment in the country.

The Chinese leader made his stance clear on May 14 when he spoke against a "street stall economy" during a speech at the Xiongan New Area, a city south of Beijing that's being built to ease the congestion and pressure in the capital city of 22 million people.
"Street stall economy" in China refers to recent efforts by local governments to revive their regional economies and to create jobs by promoting small entrepreneurship. These efforts were especially vital during the COVID-19 pandemic when movement restrictions hit the economy hard.

These promotional efforts endorsed by former premier Li Keqiang reversed a crackdown on street stalls for years before the pandemic, Nikkei reported in June 2020

The "New Chinese" Eurocentrists are already in the comments defending Xi:

People like street vendors and slums can always go to India.

Xi is a science background. When it comes to economics, he can only relate to "plan economy"

Xi wants a city that looks efficient and not congested and street stalls do not give that impression. he does not want people to think they are in a second or third class city

Xi wants Beijing to have the dignity and class of the world's great capitals.

When they say "second or third class city", and when they say "the world's great capitals", everyone knows what they are visualizing in each case (why else do we call him Eurocentrist Xi?).....  ::)

Support street stalls! They are one of many clues that will one day help people find their way back to the true China! (This is why Eurocentrist Xi wants them gone!)

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