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If only the message were "Cooperate With Anti-Colonialists" then America could easily maintain friendship with both China and Africa at the very same time. We know false-leftists such as Biden are incapable of such a message though unfortunately. All these old "white" false-leftist types have to lean on is there support for "democracy" because they're too lazy-brained to even be capable of imagining that just because it says "democracy" on the label it does not necessarily mean that the contents are 'good'. 75,000,000 people voted for Donald Trump in the last election FFS! It's hard to claim "anti-colonialism" when you allow westerners like Trump to come to power and subvert the U.S. further away from Americanism.

South Africa To Hold Joint Drills With Russia & China, US Says “Cooperate With Democracies” 
South Africa has announced that it will hold 10-day joint maritime drills with Russia and China in February. The maritime exercise will take place from February 17 to 27, off the port city of Durban and Richards Bay. Over 350 South African army personnel will take part in the drills alongside their Russian and Chinese counterparts. The US, which has maintained a strategic partnership with South Africa for years, has expressed concern over the move. The drills also coincide with the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24 last year. Is South Africa's "neutrality" fading away?

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0:00 - Introduction
0:30 - South Africa Announces Joint War Games With Russia, China
1:50 - South Africa's “neutrality” Fading Away?
2:32 - What It Means for Russia, China & South Africa
3:56 - South Africa’s Ties With Russia and China
4:38 - Opposition Slams South African Govt