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Eleven days old but worth the listen:

Zakaria calls out 'irrational' response by US to Chinese balloon

I agree with him on: #1. His very last sentence "even a balloon creates partisan warfare these days." #2. We should have an adult [FAIR] relationship with China. #3. The war in Iraq, i know what he's saying here, refer to movie Shock And Awe 2017. (Falsely accused of harboring nuclear weapons.)
I think he nailed it.. the current politics made it impossible to ignore the balloon.
Now even Zakaria is talking about the damn balloon... 😀.. See what u did social media... 😳

I think the best point being is that we should already assume China has taken pictures of every square inch of the U.S. via military satellites. Lastly, knowing that a nation has functional nuclear capability is part of the nuclear deterrence scheme...


China lashes out at US withdrawal from open skies treaty
BEIJING (AP) — China on Monday lashed out at Washington over its withdrawal from the “Open Skies Treaty” with Russia, saying the move undermined military trust and transparency and imperiled future attempts at arms control.

The treaty, to which China is not a signatory, had allowed each country overflight rights to inspect military facilities.

That leaves only one arms-control pact still in force between the former Cold War foes, the New START treaty, which limits the number of nuclear warheads each may have. That treaty will expire in February and the Trump administration had said it wasn’t interested in extending it unless China also joined, something Beijing says it will not do...
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