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Why Russia's Biggest Threat is Actually China

Since Russia invaded Ukraine I've always thought it was a great opportunity for China to overtake valuable lands to their north.
Russia does still have nuclear weapons and an official doctrine to use them if the territorial integrity of the nation is threatened. And I am sure Soviet planners during the cold war did take into consideration that the Chinese border could be threatened as well.

The rewards would be huge, but the gamble is unpredictable.
Where specifically? Like the Japanese islands occupied by Russia?
Most of north east russia up to the amur river was taken from China in the 1800s by russia....
You think anyone can come into russian territory and do what they want lol? First of all its an enourmosly powerfull country with thousands of equipment facilities all over the country that basically print weapons. No other country has the capability to produce as much as russians at a given time frame. Because soviet union was just overwhelming in that regard and all this factories are in buisness till now. So whoever comes will face a really powerful conventional army and specially in defence russia will be alot harder to break. Lastly they have the most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world that can strike anywhere in the world from Sea, ground and air. Just because Russia does flatten Ukraine does not mean they cant. Its not the objective. However in all out war, dont make any mistake russia will unleash the most powerful weapons in their arsenal like Yars, bulava, kinzhal, sarmat, poseidon to name a few and completely decimate any invading force and obliterate any country invading Russia. So stop acting that any country including china can walk in and do whatever they want. Russia can literally within an hour erase all countries from face of earth.
@Stockfish1511  thats assuming China and US missile defense systems can't keep up with russian missiles.