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Re: China and United States Relations
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Premier Li Urges US-China Cooperation, Seeks ‘Concrete Actions’
(Bloomberg) -- New Premier Li Qiang called for China and the US to cooperate better, potentially opening the door for the nations to find a way past their recent tensions.
The comments suggest a new willingness by China to resume talks with the US since the alleged spy balloon incident roiled ties between the world’s biggest economies. The tone of Li’s comments contrast with remarks by Xi a week ago, when he sought to rally China’s private sector to help overcome “containment” by the US and other countries
Li said Monday that “China and the United States can and must cooperate,” adding that “encirclement and suppression are in no one’s interest.”

He added said China and the US were “closely intertwined economically,” saying that both nations benefited from each other’s development and pointing to last year’s two-way trade, which climbed to a record.

I agree. But then Li screws up:

“They all hope to see cooperation between all countries in the world.”

No. If the US and China are to cooperate, you must say explicitly whom they are to cooperate against. As long as you do not say it, US-China relations will not improve.