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Re: China and United States Relations
« Reply #255 on: March 17, 2023, 08:09:05 pm »

The correct move is becoming more and more obvious:

Perhaps some agreement between China and the United States could be made that if China refrains from visits to Russia we could refrain from visits to Taiwan

The only country with a large enough population to take Russia is China.

What is better than retaking Siberia and harvesting itsí resources? Owning the people that harvest those resources and then sell you those resources at below harvesting cost.

China and India are milking Russia for all it is worth. In some near future China might try a land purchase in Siberia. You know how France and Russia had to sell territory to the US in the 19th century to keep fighting elsewhere. I am sure China is putting together an offer for water and oil rich areas in Siberia. An offer that Russia cannot refuse.

china already renting a lot of land in siberia, the next step is to buy it

Putin buddying up with Xi , and one day he looks out his window and see the Chinese army marching down Red Square .

But most people who can see the correct move fail to understand that Xi is too psychologically colonized to see it. If only Xi were the clear thinker that so many commenters (inaccurately) imagine him to be! Unfortunately, he is not.