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All along, there existed in Hong Kong an almost equal proportion of restaurants offering Chinese and Western cuisine. But whereas in the old Hong Kong, Chinese restaurants were distinguished quite markedly from Western restaurants in their decor, there is sadly a present trend of Chinese restaurants adopting the Western style decor especially in the more expensive places. Typical Chinese restaurants were usually brightly lit to offer clear visage of the eatery with its happy, bubbly ambience most suitable for family and festive gatherings. Nowadays, with the influence of anti-China sentiment among those self-claimed non-Chinese Hongkongers hell bent on fighting for HK independence and western democracy, the interior designs of Chinese restaurants have turned 'western' - dimly lit if not outright candle-lit so you have to grope your way around, sometimes with mirror walls on all sides so you could imagine yourself in a maze trying hard to get to the washroom and back, and that's what they consider as either romantic or posh, the western style!