Author Topic: Dietary decolonization  (Read 3551 times)


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Re: Dietary decolonization
« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2021, 03:58:38 am »
"'western' - dimly lit if not outright candle-lit"

Ah, yes, that ludicrous colonial-era Western tradition: the candlelight dinner!

A glorified, self-inflicted power outage during which two individuals stare across an elaborately decorated table at one another and giggle in a repulsive manner while exchanging empty, flirtatious cliches. Expensive alchoholic beverages are usually consumed as well as a light, fancy meal that no one involved really notices.
The mainstream's materialistic expression of what they call "love". People waste literally hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on the food, the alcohol, and the special clothes (apparently, it's not cool enough to wear a t-shirt and some pants or a top and pants/skirt..People who take part in candlelight dinners must wear a suit or a dress). These are usually followed by sexual favors afterwards. To me, the whole thing is too much like ****. What else would you call sex for material objects, such as food?


This is true dining romanticism:

Only when Chinese people understand this can they be considered to be decolonizing.

Maybe I should repost the anti-gentrification topic from the old forum as well?
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