Author Topic: Dietary decolonization  (Read 3551 times)


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Re: Dietary decolonization
« Reply #30 on: October 22, 2021, 09:27:09 pm »
Finally more people are catching on:

A suggestion that children should drink milk for breakfast was taken as a sign that he was rejecting traditional Chinese breakfast - and values. "Isn't this too much worship of the West and fawning over foreigners?" wrote Pingminwangxiaoshi.

Just one thing: the term "foreigners" is too broad. Not all foreigners are milk drinkers. Also, this should never be about China rejecting all foreign influences, which would just end up becoming another form of bigotry. There is much from other non-Western civilizations that China should humbly try to learn from. What we are here to reject is Western civilization. Indeed these two points are connected, for the more China Westernizes, the more easily it will think it needs to learn nothing from other non-Western civilizations.
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