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Re: Diplomatic decolonization
« Reply #90 on: March 26, 2022, 09:51:22 pm »

"China does not pursue the so-called "unipolar Asia" and respects India's traditional role in the region. The whole world will pay attention when China and India work hand in hand."

This on its own is a good vision. However, the correct way to see improved relations between India and China is that this makes it easier for both to turn on Russia. I fear this is not what either is thinking about, though:

India and China each consider Russia a friend and have rejected Western calls for condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which Russia calls a "special military operation".

If China and India are improving relations with each other not to isolate Russia but instead to consolidate their respective relationships with Russia, then this is going all wrong.

Dugin wants to present India has having only two options:

This possibly explains India’s hesitation to join the multipolar club where two poles, Russia and China, are almost fully established, or come closer to the West and help contain the emergence of a Greater Eurasia. Both paths are feasible and can be evaluated.

Why not the third option of forming an anti-colonialist club with China and then winning over the US to join this club also? India, with its presently closer relations to the US, could become the bridge linking up the US with China. Of course Dugin does not discuss this possibility because he doesn't want anyone to even think about it.

India, in accordance to this forecast, will be the second most important economy in world by GDP next to China and ahead of the US and Europe. Together with China, it would gives us total dominance in the world economy; 53% (India China) against 28% (US EU). It would tilt the balance of the world economy to the East.

If we switch the US (a fellow former victim of Western colonialism) over to the same side as China and India, the dominance over the totality of the Western colonial powers (including Russia) will be even greater! More importantly, it will represent the collective triumph of former victims of Western colonialism over their former colonizers. In contrast, letting Russia - not only a Western colonial power but the only one which still hasn't given back its stolen land! - join the India-China bloc would screw up the entire story.
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