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Re: China and European Union Relations
« on: April 29, 2022, 08:56:01 pm »
Xi's disgusting Eurocentrism on display:

Xi also called on the European Union chart an independent course from the United States on relations with China.
    "China and the EU, as two major forces, big markets and great civilizations, should increase communication on their relations and on major issues concerning global peace and development, and play a constructive role in adding stabilizing factors to a turbulent world.

    "Xi called on the EU to form its own perception of China, adopt an independent China policy, and work with China for the steady and sustained growth of China-EU relations."

Translation: "I have given up trying to improve relations with the US but I will never give up being a tail-wagging Eurocentrist."

Xi literally called China's colonizers a "great civilization"!

With this one statement he has simultaneously insulted not only China but also every other historical victim of Western colonialism (including America).

This is the exact opposite of the correct approach. Fawning to your own colonizers signals to them that the colonization has not really ended. The colonizers will sense this and hence perceive a green light to punch down on China even harder than they already do. And then Xi will be puzzled about why his carefully prepared speech backfired.

Borrell later rebuked the Chinese leadership:

    "This was not exactly a dialogue, maybe a dialogue of the deaf.

The director of the Asia program at the European Council on Foreign Relations, Janka Oertel, added:
"For the Chinese leadership under President Xi Jinping, everything including the war is currently refracted through the lens of domestic politics and the global rivalry with the US.

In an interview with ChinaFile, Jacques deLisle, Director of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China at the University of Pennsylvania, said:
"Chinese summit and post-summit statements, like Beijing's response to the Ukraine crisis generally, have made China seem much less than a capable and responsible power.

Shannon Tiezzi, Editor-in-Chief of The Diplomat, wrote:
"Beijing has constantly urged Europe to adopt an 'independent policy toward China,' something Xi repeated in the meeting on Friday. In blunter terms, China does not want Brussels to coordinate its China strategy with Washington. But in its constant repetition of this theme, Beijing misses the point: Europe has its own concerns about China, independently of the United States.

Here is the "Great Hall of the People" in Beijing:

Does this decor look even remotely Chinese?  Great Hall of the Colonized People would be a better description! Xi sure seems to be proud of it, though.....

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