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Re: China and European Union Relations
« on: May 10, 2022, 10:37:55 pm »
Is it sheer stupidity or is it blind Eurocentrism?

Xi tells Scholz that Europe's security 'should be kept in the hands of Europeans'
"The security of Europe should be kept in the hands of Europeans themselves," Xi told Scholz, according to the Chinese foreign ministry readout. "The European side needs to show historical responsibility and political wisdom, bear in mind the long-term stability of Europe, and promote a solution in a responsible manner."

Anyone with the slightest common sense can see that the choice is between:

1) more US troops being needed in the Atlantic and hence US troops being withdrawn from the Pacific;
2) fewer US troops being needed in the Atlantic and hence US troops increasing their presence in the Pacific.

Xi should be trying to achieve 1), yet being the incompetent clown that he is, instead he is actively striving for 2)!

See also:

Back to first link:

Xi said China and the EU had "far more common interests than differences"

Only in Xi's sick fantasies:

When Xi Jinping visits Britain next week, the president and his wife, Peng Liyuan, will stay in the Belgian suite of Buckingham Palace, where Prince William and Kate Middleton spent the first night of their marriage.

Ew..... That Xi did not see this as a veiled insult shows how psychologically colonized he is.

He will address Parliament, ride in a royal carriage and be given a formal banquet by Queen Elizabeth.
The Belgian suite has three rooms and is often used by the queen for private meetings.

Its main color is yellow, and the suite has has statues of George III and his wife.

Look how happy Xi is to be surrounded by Western architecture:

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