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Re: China and European Union Relations
« on: August 08, 2022, 01:49:40 pm »

China once saw Europe as a counter to US power. Now ties are at an abysmal low

The part in bold was the mistake. Now is the chance to correct it.

it is a significant blow for Beijing's ideal vision: a Europe with robust China ties that provides a counterbalance to American power and posture.

"China and the EU should act as two major forces upholding world peace, and offset uncertainties in the international landscape," Xi told EU leaders at a summit in April

Xi has it the wrong way round. China and America should act as two major forces upholding world peace, counterbalancing the power of the former Western colonial powers. But Xi being a Eurocentrist of course prefers to fantasize about his Eurocentric vision.

There has been acknowledgment of China's myopia among mainland scholars,

Chen Dingding, founding director of the Intellisia Institute think tank in Guangzhou, wrote in a coauthored article in The Diplomat, that the risks of the war in Ukraine are "not fully understood in China," where officials and academics had failed to acknowledge the "shock" that death and destruction in Ukraine would bring Europeans.

That's because the Chinese officials and academics do not understand the sheer racism of those whom they are dealing with. They observed the indifference towards the death and destruction in Syria, Yemen, etc. and naively assumed the EU would view the same in Ukraine with similar indifference. Of course this was not the case:
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