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Re: Indian attitudes
« Reply #45 on: January 21, 2023, 02:38:27 am »
Continuing about north vs south India, while it is true that there is an intrinsic anti-Turanian undercurrent to the anti-North attitude in South India, this has unfortunately been coopted by some chauvinistic bigots, calling themselves "Dravidian nationalists", who consider all Hindi speakers to be Northerners and hence hostile to the South. This ignores the fact that there are many Hindi speakers even in the South. More importantly, this bigotry, as expressed in states such as Tamil Nadu, often targets even fellow Dravidian speakers from other Dravidian states such as Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, so it is not even Pan-Dravidian as one would think. This ideology is primarily pushed by False Leftist secular humanist progressivist Eurocentrist Gentiles who suffer from some sort of inferiority complex and think "Dravidian" is a race, similar to how Eurocentrist "Blacks" think.