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Re: Indian attitudes
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Firstly, responding to:

Is Bollywood run by Crypto Jews/Turanians? What do you think?
After all, Bollywood has a history of negatively stereotyping/bigotry against South Indians.

But South Indian cinema does the same thing to itself!

“Don’t play under hot sun, you’ll get dark” - mom to daughter, “Your face looks dark, try this herbal facial” - conversation between female friends. “ Boy or girl , fair or dark” - conversation between family during childbirth. All these are natural casual conversation that happens everywhere in India without realising it's impact. It’s not about Tamil heroine, it’s about brown skin tone. You’re demanding a cultural change, not an industry preference. We’re ready to accept Amy Jackson as “tamil ponnu” in a saree but not PBS or Dhansika.

Racism and colorism are interconnected, the structural hierarchy places lighter skin on top compared to brown skin.
Skin color is used as a significant factor to differentiate the characterisation of different roles in Tamil cinema. Casting patterns and dialogues are color coded. This is nothing but racialised skin based hierarchy that exists in society

I agree with this. It is just pervasive Eurocentrism.

If you want to promote Tamil heroines - then promote Tamil skin tone among the society, treat them normal , redefine beauty standards, and celluloid will automatically follow.

Yes, but these very peope who call for redefining beauty standards aren't actually doing so! Yes, Jackson looks subhuman for sure:

but, the problem is, so do Pandian, Bhavani and Dhansika:

so promoting the latter, while it may be a decolonizing action, is no genuine improvement aesthetically! The only approach which will work is precisely the approach we have developed.

"while it is true that there is an intrinsic anti-Turanian undercurrent to the anti-North attitude in South India, this has unfortunately been coopted by some chauvinistic bigots, calling themselves "Dravidian nationalists""

The correct approach to anti-Turanism in India is to promote nostalgia for pre-Turanian Indus Valley civilization. However, the geographical location of Indus Valley civilization is itself in the northwest:

therefore Indian anti-Turanism should never have been categorically anti-north in the first place. Instead, we should claim that any good stuff in the north comes from Indus Valley civilization (as opposed to coming from the Vedics).

"Also, on the topic of Turanian blood memory, you mentioned earlier that it is possible for non-Eurocentrist "non-Whites" to be Westerners, especially those who have Turanian blood. But these Westerners would be rightists and not False Leftists, right?"

In theory, that would be the tendency. Of course, dealing with individuals, other influences could override this.
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