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Re: Indian attitudes
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Boromor Syndrome Turanist Indian vs Aryanist:
I wish all Indians revert to the native Indian understanding of what "Ārya way" is: Ārya Dharma is to follow the Ṛta, the cosmic cycle. Making space for themselves by genociding people is the Mlēccha way, not the Ārya way.

Ārya and Ṛta are both derived from the root ऋ गतिकरणे.
Kshatriya 4 Dharma
>they made space for themselves and ruled the world

Literally the Arya way
British used chemical and biological weapons, assassination of competitors, ecological denuding by exterminating plant and animal species needed for indigenous people, and every other Adharma. By artificial famines and genocide, they made space for themselves and ruled the world.
British were clever, brave, adventurous, industrious, methodical, meticulous, curious, comprehensive, pragmatic, far sighted people.

That's how they went from remote poor island tribes to rulers of half the world.