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Re: Indian attitudes
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"Boromor Syndrome"
Typo, sorry.

". Whereas when they see above-average "non-white" people in real-life, they perceive either merely upgrades of the mediocre [insert "non-white" ethnicity here] stereotype (therefore still fundamentally ugly in their minds), or - worse - partial resemblance to the idealized "white" stereotype (therefore beautiful in their minds, but only because they "look white"(!!!)"

The tweeter is an example of the former. However, they do not view them as "still fundamentally ugly" (as evidenced by their ambivalence towards darker skin), but merely a rarity. This could be a Turanist attitude as well, as the Turanist would view the average Indian as being far removed from the ideal Turanian phenotype. But by the same token, they should apply this standard toward "Europe". Then again, if we consider that "Europe" is more Turanized, then their criticism of Indians makes sense.