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Re: Indian attitudes
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Actuallly, the tweeter themselves was not promoting OIT, but merely reposting what ChatGPT had said about it. As for the tweeter themselves, they make it very clear that they do not believe in OIT, but instead believe in "A"IT (aka Turanian diffusion).:
Aryans did trickle in tho. We should be proud of our ancestors building civilization in this shithole and subduing+absorbing the natives.
After bogus Aryans 'trickling in' theory, this new crackpot theory of Shakyans who are explicitly mentioned in Buddhist texts as being Suryavamsha Kshatriyas of Ayodhya actually being steppe Scythians is gaining popularity in the academia.

There is a bunch of other stuff on his TL where he denigrates average Indians for their IQ scores, speaks glowingly about Westerners, etc... Best we can do is reclaim "Aryan" from him. We can start by telling him how Suryavanshi Aryans are different from Chandravanshi Turanians

Although, the reply to his tweet gives a more charitable interpretation of what he means by "trickling in", its still a wrong view nevertheless, as it refers to Turanians as "Aryans":
IVC was not a shithole.. if you're implying the Aryans to have entered later on.
He was talking about the land and the natives (onges) perhaps?
Also by the time aryans arrived IVC had collapsed and its ppl had lost the capacity to rebuild those cities or hell even have proper wirting system, literature, science etc.
Aryans started from the scratch
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