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Re: Indian attitudes
« Reply #60 on: February 04, 2023, 04:39:31 am »
Hindus need to shed off the feel good mentality they've internalized that beauty doesnt matter. It absolutely does.

Here is the problem: these Hindus think they must claim that beauty doesn't matter in order to not be Eurocentrists, which already tells us what they actually consider to be beautiful.

What we need are anti-Eurocentrists who agree that beauty does matter but who are able to perceive that:


This is the spiritual center of the world's most powerful religion looks like.

Anyone who honestly thinks serious Christianity can happen inside the above architecture knows nothing about Christianity. Serious Christianity happened inside architecture that looked like this:

And guess what? Sramanist architecture has a similar aesthetic to Cathar architecture!

This also brings me back to what I was trying to say to you over here:

They also go well with undecorative and even dilapidated architecture, as demonstrated in the video above (e.g. 3:53 the worn concrete and faded paint in the background). Aryan beauty is austere beauty.

You should try to build on this concept more. Imagine what the archetypical occupants of the above Sramanist caves look like.