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Re: Indian Attitudes
« on: April 26, 2021, 03:24:50 am »
"Indian" promotes Turanians
No evidence our ancestors originated in Himalayas or Vedas were composed there.
Veda-Shastras contain both spiritual and worldly aspects. Nothing shameful about studying both aspects.

4000 years ago, there were no nation states. Nothing shameful if our ancestors came from steppe

Turanians must be thought of as anti-Indian. Just because they didn't consider themselves "White" doesn't mean they were not racist against the indigenous Indians.

Similarly, just because you don't consider "Whites" Aryan doesn't mean you aren't Eurocentric. Eurocentrism posits that the steppe subhumans were "Aryan", which you agree with.

He also promotes the Turanian diet:
It's ok to have a small portion of prasad. In traditional Vedic shrauta yajnas, animals are sacrificed and the officiating brahmin priests consume a small portion of the sacrificed animal meat.
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