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Re: Media decolonization
« Reply #75 on: March 07, 2023, 09:38:05 pm »
"he even got the bullies' face shapes correct!"

Not only did they get the face shapes, but they even got the clothing too.

At 0:30, you'll see the girl on the right has a pleated skirt, a collared shirt, a visible necktie, earrings and for the hair, it looks pretty...graphic and even has a bow. The girl on the left has plain jeans, a basic shirt, hair that looks straight and unembellished and no earings.

At 1:16, you'll see the same girl with the teal cardigan next to a boy wearing a shirt with another visible collar and a sexually dimorphic haircut (still comparable with the girl on the left).

At 2:55 (which is the thumbnail), the man doing the pinching has a plain black outfit and hair where each strand is in harmony, while the one being pinched has a hair where the strands are all over the place.

At 3:18, the hair of the girl on the left is still as superior as it was before it was cut, and just like the man's hair, the strands of the girl's hair is simple and in uniformity. Not to mention their tops are also simple.

Just to be sure, does hair length matter? Because even though you mentioned how superior long hair was here:

Wouldn't you mind short hair if it coincides with everyone else, if it's low in maintenance and if it's cut for more temporary reasons (e.g. emulating individuals, cutting split ends without changing its current length)?