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Re: Media decolonization
« Reply #75 on: March 09, 2023, 10:04:48 am »
"Not only did they get the face shapes, but they even got the clothing too."

"society continues to delusionally think of bullying as learned behaviour rather than simply the normal behaviour of bully bloodlines"

Does the same apply for hate?

"High sexual dimorphism is inferior. Low sexual dimorphism is superior. How the low sexual dimorphism is achieved is for different societies to decide (probably based on practical considerations such as humidity etc.)."

Could that logic also apply for makeup? Because it seems like the issue is not only sexual dimorphism:

While I would disagree with someone who likes makeup on both males and females, I would not consider such a person aesthetically inferior as they at least have no gender-based double-standard. (I would consider still them ecologically/economically inferior, but that is a separate discussion.)

But looking at the NS Uniforms, uniformity seems just as important as the simplicity of dress. Maybe even more. And even with the western elements like collars and neckties, the uniforms still make up with its all black/brown/feldgrau theme. Agriculture fields are also just as superior.

Thanks for making it more clear. I apologize for asking so many questions, but I've been reading Aryanism and True Left since late 2010s that I have a lot of questions to ask.

*EDIT-This post was accidentally in quotations, so I edited it.
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