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Russia's Demographic Crisis Explained - TLDR News
Putin's invasion of Ukraine hasn't gone as well as he had planned, but things aren't going much better at home either, with Russia's fertility rate verging on a demographic crisis. Can Putin do anything about it, or will the war just make things worse?

Sounds like a positive development to me at this particular juncture in the timeline!?

A Russian has recently married into our family. She said that there was no way she was going to marry a Russian male. Apparently there is an imbalance between the number of males to females in the populace with less men. The males apparently take advantage of the situation and the females get treated poorly, so she wanted out.
This wasn't mentioned in the TLDR video.
Maybe the Ukrainian war will have an impact on the out of balance male-female ratio. She did mention the low male life expectancy as all her father's friends have died.
Worth thing noting and I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned here is the domestic violence issue in Russia. It was decriminalised in 2017. Many many women have been harmed at the hands of their own men and many ended up dying in their own homes due to brutality occuring there. I can't imagine all this encourages women to have children when violence is so rampant. Then again, the head of the Russian church has remarked that "beatings are mere blessings" so maybe this might actually have nothing to do with birth rates going to hell.

Perhaps integration of some Ukrainians into Russia is the purpose of the "filtration camps" then?