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Re: Population and Demographics
« on: September 21, 2022, 06:15:02 pm »
I am no fan of Macron, but on this occasion he displays common sense (to our enemies' horror):

French president Emmanuel Macron has proposed creating a bill next year to reform France’s immigration and asylum policies, including a proposal to redistribute migrants to rural areas facing demographic decline.
“We have a policy that is both inefficient and inhumane, inefficient because we find ourselves with more foreigners in an irregular situation than many of our neighbours, inhumane because this pressure means that they are too often badly received,” President Macron said, the newspaper Le Figaro reports.
President Macron, who made his remarks on Thursday, also called for a new system to redistribute migrants across France, specifically in “rural areas, which are losing population,” arguing that “the conditions for their reception will be much better than if we put them in areas that are already densely populated, with a concentration of massive economic and social problems.”

France is merely arriving late to obvious solutions that other EU countries had already reached years ago:

Similar policies have been suggested in other countries in recent years, including Germany, where in 2016 it was suggested that villages and small towns could help integrate asylum seekers better and the asylum seekers would help counter demographic decline.

A University of Milano-Bicocca study released last year also proposed using asylum seekers to repopulate rural areas and small towns in Italy, arguing that if the local governments limited migrant centres to no more than 25 people, there would be little economic cost.

See also:

How do we know this is the correct solution? We look at who are opposing it:

Some in France, such as populist National Rally leader Marine Le Pen, have come out against Macron’s proposal, however.

“Emmanuel Macron wants to distribute foreigners in an irregular situation [illegal aliens] to rural areas. We believe that they should go back home. Unable to apply the law, he wants to change it. We will oppose this new madness!” Le Pen said on Twitter on Friday.

Rival populist Eric Zemmour had proposed €10,000 “birth grants” during the French presidential elections, to repopulate the countryside naturally

What is madness is encouraging more new births when there are already so many people desperately in need of housing.