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Re: Psychological decolonization
« Reply #120 on: December 18, 2022, 09:42:25 pm »

I think "non-white" Eurocentricists can be even more dangerous to any positive attempt at serious psychological decolonization...

That's why I more side with Islam rather than with the today leftist who are influenced by the "Neo-Marxist" or "1965s Counterculture" ideology. They tend to believe that if we not want to be oppressed then we must do and perform like how "whites" perform. Like being good at economy, speak without emotion, not beg for justice, and adapt to capitalist environment.

They even promoting Stoicism philosophy which teach us to be strong and not complain to current condition which unjust rather than teach to give a moral boost to change the current unjust environment which resulting simplicity and an easy way to achieve social equity. And Stoicism was morally Judaic because it was promoted by Paul of Tarsus alongside with fellow Ancient Greece philosopher. See this quoted article's writing below :

Stoicism cast a long shadow on later thought. The apostle Paul came from Tarsus, a center of Stoic learning, and he frequently cited Stoic authors favorably. A forged correspondence between Paul and Seneca ensured the latter’s popularity among the early Christians, and such writers as Augustine and Boethius were responsible for incorporating a great deal of Stoic thought into Christian theology.

Source :

For read more if you have time, see my previous post on this link :'blacks'-who-invented-pervert-stoicism-philosphy/msg16919/#new
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