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Re: Psychological decolonization
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O’dea begins the video with a disclaimer that he is not being racist.

Of course he is a racist.

He then lets a British man and an Asian woman take his photo to prove his point.
As seen in the video, the British man agrees to take O’dea’s picture, snaps once and leaves. In contrast, the Asian woman suggests angles, takes multiple shots and even gets on the ground to capture the “money shot.”

“That is what you call commitment,” O’dea declares. “And that is why I will always ask an Asian to take my photo.”

This is what I call psychological colonization: the "non-white" puts in more effort than the "white" to take a good photo of a "white". More generally, "non-whites" treats "whites" even better than "whites" treat one another.

others argued that the matter is not actually about race, but sex — and that women supposedly take better pictures than men.

To celebrate the viral video, O’dea took to what looked like a Chinatown to create a follow-up post. This time, he asked an Asian man to take his photo.

As it turned out, the Asian man delivered. He appeared to take multiple shots, rotated the camera and, like the Asian woman, bent his body in a show of “commitment.”

It is a show of servility. They will do anything to please the "white" colonialist.

And the ultimate evidence of psychological colonization? Instead of recognizing what this is really about (as I just have), here is the popular response:

Asian TikTok users expressed pride in the comments.

“Yeah...told ya. Couldn’t agree more. Hi from Sarawak Malaysia! #ProudAsian,” one user wrote.

Another noted, “Hell yeah! Asian power!”

"Asian" pride/power are about being good at serving "whites". This is why no one with dignity should ever self-identify as "Asian".

The disgusting servility continues in the comments:

Everytime a caucasian person asks me to take a pic, i look for natural light and angle and stop breathing while holding the camera/iphone and take more than 1 pic

You should be prohibited from reproducing.
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