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Re: Psychological decolonization
« Reply #120 on: March 17, 2023, 11:34:05 pm »
It's OK to be "white" in Bali:

An Australian expat in Indonesia was caught on film yelling and pointing her fingers at Bali police officers after she was stopped for riding a scooter without a helmet.

The incident, which reportedly took place in the Indonesian district of North Kuta on March 9, started after the officers stopped the woman, identified as Marita Leaning Daniell.
Even when she is surrounded by five officers, Daniell continues to argue while waving her arms in protest.
At one point while the officers try to lead her scooter away from the busy street, she can be heard yelling in English, "Don't touch my things!"
The incident garnered disapproval from Twitter users, who criticized the woman’s behavior and labeled her an entitled “bule,” which is an Indonesian word used for white foreigners.

“I love you.....pak polisi!!!” a commenter wrote. “Those person [sic] that called "bule" just don't want to follow our rules.”

So what are you going to them? Let them get away with it?

“Huge respect for the professional and patient Bali police,” wrote another. “Embarrassing to see the lady behaving this way.”

Police are not supposed to be patient with criminals FFS! There is no reason to respect police who are patient with criminals! (And why are you referring to the criminal as "lady"?)

We have to get rid of this notion that "non-whites" have to bend over backwards to be polite at all times towards "whites" irrespective of the situation.

From the comments:

I don’t get it! WHY do officers allow women like this to treat them with zero respect and not follow the law. Just because she has a big mouth doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have arrested her for disorderly conduct.

Why do entitled people think they can go to foreign lands and tell the people and authorities in those countries what they're going to do are they dim or what?

Australians are the most prominent foreign tourist by far, especially in Bali. Almost without exception if you see a "Bule" (Indonesian term for white person) behaving badly they are Australian. Indonesia is a conservative society even in Bali. Walking around with no shirt on, string bikinis, walking with open container of beer or wine, being especially loud and boisterous, cursing at service people like waiters or waitresses, are all counter to their culture. The basic problem is many Australians, not all of course, do not respect Indonesian's or their law and culture and think it is their private playground.

But to change this requires giving them the Otto Warmbier treatment every single time.
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